What we stand for in serving people with disabilities:

At Hawaii Car Rentals, we strongly support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which promotes public accessibility and prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. We represent car rental companies that comply with the ADA and are committed to serving the disabled community. Our rental car companies provide various options for renters with special needs and equipment for individuals with disabilities.

Finding the right rental car company:
For individuals with disabilities, it is essential to find a rental company that can accommodate their specific needs by providing appropriate equipment. Our car rental companies in Hawaii offer various assistive devices, including hand controls, spinner knobs, swivel seats, and transfer boards, at no additional cost. However, some equipment, such as electric mobility scooters, may not be available at all locations.

Can I still get your great rates?
Yes, you can still rent from Hawaii Car Rentals and take advantage of our corporate discount rates and bonuses. Although some companies may require renters to book directly through them, such as Avis and Budget, you can still receive our special rates by using designated phone numbers. Enterprise allows renters to reserve their cars through us and then arrange for special equipment by calling them back with their reservation number.

Free Assistive Devices for Renters With Disabilities:
Avis, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty, and Enterprise provide assistive devices at no extra cost, including hand controls and spinner knobs. Avis and Budget offer a more extensive selection of disability equipment, including swivel seats, transfer boards, and airport shuttles with wheelchair lifts at limited locations. Enterprise is the only company that provides left-foot accelerators, pedal extensions, and seat belt extenders.

Special equipment:
Car rental companies offer various equipment for drivers with disabilities, including hand control-equipped cars, which can be requested in advance. Most rental companies require at least 24 to 48 hours of notice to guarantee the availability and installation of hand controls. Other equipment, such as steering wheel spinner knobs, is available from all car rental companies.

No charge for designated (surrogate) driver for disabled renters:
People with disabilities who are unable to drive can still rent a car and bring along a designated driver or surrogate driver. There is no added fee for the surrogate driver, and the disabled renter is financially responsible for the rental car. The appointed driver must meet all the requirements of the rental car company, including a valid driver’s license, a minimum age of 25 years, and accompanying the disabled renter to the location at the same time the car is rented.

Advance notice:
Car rental companies usually require 24 to 48 hours of lead time to install necessary equipment. Customers should reserve a car that is appropriate in size to accommodate the equipment needed. Rental car companies cannot provide assistive devices on all car makes or models, and equipment is only available to be installed on certain car models.

Recommended minimum car size:
Customers are advised to rent a car size that will accommodate the equipment needed and ensure comfort and ease of operation. We recommend contacting the car rental companies to find out what size vehicle is necessary to accommodate special equipment for individuals with disabilities. Contact phone numbers are provided below.

  • SUV
  • Minivan
  • Mid Size
  • Full Size
  • Luxury Car