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Molokai, the Friendly Island

Molokai is a stunning island in Hawaii and ranks as the fifth largest among the main islands. It’s widely recognized as ‘The Friendly Island’ and draws visitors year-round due to its tranquil and natural charm. The island is made up of two volcanoes, East Molokai and West Molokai, and its highest peak is Kamakou.

Kaunakakai is the largest town on Molokai and serves as one of the two small ports. The island is abundant with tropical vegetation, and its natural environment is home to a diverse range of plants and animals. Visitors who enjoy fishing are attracted to Molokai because of the ancient Hawaiian fishponds located on the South Shore.

Molokai is commonly known as the ‘Most Hawaiian Island’ because it has retained its traditional charm and hasn’t undergone significant modernization like some of the other islands. Buildings are not taller than palm trees, and it’s a peaceful place that feels timeless. It’s a preferred destination for those seeking serenity and natural beauty.

Although cruise ships no longer make stops at Molokai, visitors can still get there by taking the Maui-Molokai Ferry or private watercraft. To fully explore the island’s roads and rugged terrain, it’s recommended to rent a car. Our company offers a variety of car models to suit different budgets and preferences on Molokai, and we partner with major national brands such as Payless to offer discounted rates.

There is one main airport on Molokai:

  • Molokai Airport (MKK) – 6 miles northwest of the town of Kaunakakai

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