Hawaii Additional Driver Fees Waived

Information about no charge for additional drivers when renting a car from Hawaii Car Rentals. Listed below under each company’s logo, are the Additional Driver Benefits allowed when renting through this website.

Additional Driver Benefits Offered Through Us

Are you confused? I would be too. So first, let me offer my apologies for the discrepancies and confusion about this issue. I get more emails about this subject than any other, so I decided to make this page in hopes of answering your questions about the additional driver fee waivers. It is an attempt to satisfy your concerns and explain the additional driver issue as best I can.

The Bottom Line:

Do I have to pay an additional driver fee when renting through this website? All companies allow spouses and domestic partners as additional drivers with no surcharge. Other companies also allow 1 or 2 additional drivers regardless if they are spouses or domestic partners.

What do I have to do to get the additional driver fee waiver?

There is nothing special you need to do. The additional driver fee waiver WILL be allowed to you simply by booking through our website. I Guarantee You Will NOT Be Charged! No one who booked through HCR has ever been charged for an additional driver if the company they were renting from allowed the free driver waiver at that time. This bonus/waiver, along with the special rates listed on our website, is built right into our website.

Once again, when you show up to get your rental car, there is nothing you need to say, show or do to get the additional driver benefit. You don’t need any coupons to get these waivers. When you get to Hawaii to pick up your car, everything will be on the agent’s computer – the special rates and waivers. You don’t even have to mention it. It is all adjusted automatically via computer at the car rental counter – and you will not be charged. No one has ever been charged in all the years we’ve rented cars for our partners. We’ve never had to reimburse anyone since we started renting cars in 2003.