Find out about Kamaaina local Hawaii resident car rental discount rates

What does Kama’aina mean?

Kama’aina is pronounced: Kah-Mah-Eye-Nah. When people hear the word Kamaaina, they usually associate it with getting a Kama’aina discount or a local resident discount. Kama’aina is considered to be a resident who currently lives in Hawaii. Kamaaina can also mean someone who used to live in Hawaii but who has moved from the islands. Kama’aina is regardless of racial background. Native-born Hawaiian islanders are known as Kanaka. So if you’re a local or looking for a local car rental on Kauai, Oahu, Maui or the Big Island, check out our cheap rates.

Do you offer Kama’aina discount rates?

Unfortunately, our already greatly discounted rates are as low as the companies we represent allow us to discount. At times, our rates are 75% LESS than other car rental websites. So no additional Kama’aina rates or discounts are available. Hopefully, our discount rates and other bonuses will make up for not specifically offering Kamaaina rates.Please read on for other money-saving opportunities…

Are there other Hawaii rental car discount tips you can suggest?

Yes. Whether you’re Kamaaina or not, if available on the island you’re going to, when you rent a vehicle from a Non-Airport location, you can save $48+/week or $192+/month. This is because at NON-airport locations, rentals are NOT assessed all the taxes, fees and surcharges usually charged at vehicle rental airport locations. Put in HAWAII, or OAHU, or MAUI as your location and see if there is a location near where you want to pick up your vehicle. Enterprise has the most non-airport locations. For Thrifty Honolulu Airport (HNL), since the rental lot is “off site,” no concession recovery fee is charged. Please note you will need to take a taxi to some of these locations (Thrifty has a free shuttle at the Honolulu Airport). See our Renting Hawaii Car Rentals from Non-Airport Locations page for more details.

What other discounts and bonuses do you offer?

Unlike renting directly from the car rental companies or the large travel sites, if you rent through Hawaii Car Rentals, depending on the company, we can offer bonuses such as:

  • Extra driver at no additional charge
  • Reduced surcharge for young drivers
  • No pre-payment
  • No cancellation fee
  • No booking fee
  • No travel agent fee