About Hawaii Car Rentals

hawaii-car-drivingWho is www.HawaiiCarRentals.net?

Aloha! I’m the new owner of Hawaii Car Rentals (www.HawaiiCarRentals.net.) In 2003 HCR started renting cars for most of the major national brand rental car companies. After over 20 years, I’m pleased to announce that Hawaii Car Rentals rents out thousands of vehicles per year for these companies on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Where are you located?

Located exclusively online, Hawaii Car Rentals operates as a convenient platform for booking your rental car. After making your reservation with us and taking advantage of our discounts and perks, you simply proceed to the rental car counters of the aforementioned brands at the airports in Hilo, Kona, Honolulu, or other major locations. You’ll receive your rental car directly from the respected brand you booked through our website, with all the details seamlessly integrated into their system. Rest assured, your confirmation number is genuine and issued by the brand.

Is Hawaii Car Rentals a Legitimate Website?

We understand that authenticity and legitimacy are important to our customers. When you reserve through our website, you are reserving with one of the major national brands we represent, not directly with us. However, our website ensures you access the discounted rates and waivers exclusive to Hawaii Car Rentals. We act as a discount conduit, leveraging our partnership with major rental car companies in Hawaii to bring you exceptional rates, perks, bonuses, and coupons. In return, the rental car companies compensate us for each booking made through our website. This arrangement allows us to offer rates lower than those found on the car rental company websites, while still providing you with the same reliable service. See below for more details and well as our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond affordability. We also offer waivers and benefits provided by the rental companies, such as free additional drivers, discounted or waived surcharges for drivers aged 20-24, grace periods, and more. Flexibility is essential, and we allow you to change or cancel your reservation without any charge or obligation. Simply keep a copy of your reservation details and confirmation number, which will be emailed to you upon booking. You can easily access and manage your reservation on our website should your travel plans require adjustments.

What companies do you represent?

Dollar Rental Cars  Budget Car Rental  Avis Car Rentals  Hertz Car Rental  Thrifty Car Rental  Enterprise Rent a Car

Hawaii Car Rentals is an authorized wholesale corporate discount vendor partner of major national and international brand rental car companies that operate in Hawaii and the US mainland.

Why are your rates lower than the actual car rental company websites?

You may ask yourself, “Why should I go through your website if all you’re going to end up with is a car from another company? Because Hawaii Car Rentals has a special “Hawaii Only” arrangement with the major national brand car rental companies. In exchange for this website promoting their cars on the Hawaiian Islands, using our marketing expertise and of course our own money, they give us special rates, perks, bonuses, waivers and coupons that we pass on to our website customers. We get special corporate discount rates from the major national brand rental car companies because we rent out thousands and thousands of cars for them every year. They rent out more cars that way without the costly marketing expense. In exchange for our website getting cars rented for them, they pay us a commission for every car rented through this website. You are never charged for this service and a fee is never tacked on.

Please compare the difference in rates by going to any of the car rental company reservations pages, and checking a rate. After doing so, you’ll see a much better rate, and with perks to boot!

About the waivers offered on www.hawaiicarrentals.net?

Each rental company provides us with waivers; such as no charge for additional drivers, spouse drives free, domestic partner drives free, age 20-24 surcharge discount or waiver, grace periods, etc.

Can I change or cancel my reservation if I make it through this website?

Yes, absolutely. And there is no charge, no obligation, and no cancellation fee either. Once you make a reservation with us, you should print out your reservation because it contains your reservation details and confirmation number. You will also immediately be emailed your reservation information. Please keep in mind that if you simply want to see your current reservation or your Hawaii travel plans change, you can come back to our website and then review or cancel your reservation. If you lost your reservation confirmation number or your rental car details of your itinerary, just contact us with your name and email address and we’ll be happy to look up your reservation for you.

Here’s some more information:

The rates on HCR may change periodically as car rental companies compete with one another. If you go directly to the car company’s retail websites (without using one of our discount links or promo codes to them), you may notice the rates may change every day. These rate fluctuations are governed by the time of year, demand and availability of model inventory. The rates listed here are always lower than their posted daily rates.

Are you a member or part of any other organizations?

As a member of the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring your experience in Hawaii exceeds expectations. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway, family vacation, or business trip, Hawaii Car Rentals is here to make your car rental process seamless, convenient, and budget-friendly. Read our Hawaii Car Rentals Blog for more information.

Book with us today and embark on an unforgettable journey through the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of Hawaii. Mahalo for choosing Hawaii Car Rentals!

Please note: Rates on our website may fluctuate as car rental companies compete with one another. However, our listed rates are consistently lower than the daily rates you may find on the retail websites of car rental companies.