Car Rental at the Lihue Airport on Kauai

About the Lihue Kauai Airport (LIH)

The Lihue Kauai Airport (LIH) is the primary airport on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The island is the oldest and the fourth largest of the main Hawaiian Islands. Popularly known as The Garden Island, Kauai is a favorite among tourists and Hollywood. More than 70 movies have been shot here, including hits like Avatar, Jurassic Park and South Pacific. Disney’s animated Lilo and Stitch movies and TV shows are also set on this island.

The Kauai airport is located on the eastern outskirts of Lihue and features many inter-island flights throughout the day and overseas flights. Featured in movies like “Honeymoon in Vegas” and “Six Days, Seven Nights”, the facility has two paved runways. In Lihue, automobile rental is never problematic because multiple companies offer such services. The airport also has a selection of shops and restaurants for those looking to pass the time.

The pleasures of the island are not just make-believe because the mountainous island has many places of interest for the tourist. Nature lovers will enjoy the Alakai Wilderness Preserve, the Moir Gardens and the Limahuli Garden and Preserve, among other sites. The volcanic origins of the island has also resulted in some breathtaking mountains, craters and canyons like Sleeping Giant and Waimea Canyon. Kauai is known as the wettest place on earth. It has an average annual rainfall of 460 inches (38 feet). But don’t be alarmed thinking you’ll get soaked on your Kauai vacation; most of that rain comes down on Mt. Waialeale. Poipu Beach on the south shore only gets an average of 2.5 inches per month.

Rent a car at the LIH Kauai Airport

Before you reach Kauai, a car rental will be something you’ll need to think about. Without a vehicle, you will miss out on many of this island’s pleasures. Vehicle rental facilities are available across the street from the terminals past the baggage claim area, where shuttles await your arrival. If you are looking for cheap car rental services, you should try Hawaii Car Rentals. You will not get a better discount car rental¬†service on the island.

Lihue Kauai Airport location address:

(The Lihue Kauai Airport is in no way affiliated with this website):
Lihue, Kauai Airport
3901 Mokulele Loop
Lihue, Hawaii 96766
Location: 1.5 miles east of Lihue
Location Code: LIH

Lihue Kauai Airport Location Map