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Molokai, the Orchid Isle:

Hawaii Car Rentals is no longer offering car rentals at this location

Molokai, fondly nicknamed ‘The Friendly Island’ is the fifth largest of the main Hawaiian Islands. The island exudes an old world charm, which attracts peace and nature loving tourists to its shores round the year. It owes its existence to two volcanoes, East Molokai and the much smaller West Molokai. The highest peak here is Kamakou.

The largest town on the island is Kaunakakai, which is one of the two small ports here. Mother Nature unabashedly projects here in all her lush greenery. Flora and fauna thrive in this sparsely populated virgin island. Ancient Hawaiian fishponds along its South Shore make The Friendly Island a popular venue for fishing enthusiasts.

The Friendly Island is often referred to as the ‘Most Hawaiian Island’. Its beauty is unmarred by trappings of modern urbanization. Hardly any building here is taller than a palm tree. The Friendly Island is an island lost in time. It embodies the mystery of the ocean that surrounds it. Many a peace lover finds his way here to explore this mid pacific picture-perfect island and basks in its natural environs.

Molokai is no longer a cruise ship destination. However, it is a stop for the Maui-Molokai Ferry (a passenger ferry), as well as a pleasure craft destination.

You can make the most of your visit here only with the help of an efficient automobile rental company that can supply a roadworthy vehicle for safe navigation of its jaunty roads and rough terrain. We offer a variety of makes and models designed to suit every taste and budget on the neighbor islands of Hawaii. They showcase the best the car rental industry has to offer on five Hawaiian islands by presenting highly discounted corporate rates by the world best major national brand rental car agencies like Enterprise and others.

There is one main airport on Molokai:

Hawaii Car Rentals meets you half way to resolve all of your ransportation concerns by facilitating online bookings at the cheapest available rates while making room for last minute changes and free upgrades. Bargains offered by Hawaii Car Rentals give you enhanced value for your money and you have the pleasure of enjoying their special bonuses to help you live your dream of an unforgettable holiday on he Friendly Island, Hawaii.

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