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Rent a Jeep Wrangler - Information:

Jeep Wrangler 2-DoorJeep Wrangler 4-DoorHawaii Car Rentals is a wholesale corporate discount vendor of Jeep Wrangler rentals for major national brand car rental companies. We rent Wranglers on Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island for Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, Thrifty and Enterprise. Because of our volume, we get discounts and waivers that are not available to the general public so we can offer you Jeep Wranglers in Hawaii at the cheapest rates possible. We are happy to pass our corporate discounts, waivers and bonuses on to you. That way you get great rates, the car companies rent more cars, and we get a commission - everybody wins!  Whether it be a 2-door or a 4-door, driving around the islands in a Jeep Wrangler is a really fun thing to do, especially with the removable top down. Lots of people want these sporty vehicles so they are in high demand and much sought after. 

Short Supply:

Because of this and economic cutbacks, the car rental companies are keeping a pretty tight rein on their inventories. So availability of Wranglers is limited. Though both the two and four door Wranglers are very popular cars to rent, we're told the manufacturer is only selling the 4-door models to some or all the Hawaii car rental companies. In addition, some of the car rental companies are holding back or blocking out (called blackout dates) Jeep Wranglers so they can rent them out exclusively at a much higher rate. When they do this, these vehicles are not available to corporate discount websites like this one. This is the case during holidays, but especially a few days to a week or two out. It all boils down to the fact that you really need to reserve early to get one. It doesn't cost to reserve and you can cancel the reservation any time if you don't find that we have the best and cheapest Jeep Wrangler rates in Hawaii.

Driving Off-Road is not allowed:

By the way, most car rental companies in Hawaii say off road travel is not allowed on any of the Hawaiian Islands, even if you're renting a 4 wheel drive Wrangler. They don't want you to take cars off the paved roads. People ask about driving on Saddle Road on the Big Island, which is the road to get to Mauna Kea and the way some local islanders travel between Hilo and Kona. The car rental companies we represent all allow driving their cars on Saddle Road but a couple do not allow you to drive to the Mauna Kea visitors center. If your rental car breaks down on Saddle Road, they will not come and get you, meaning you pay for the towing unless you have or have purchased insurance. But if you've gone off road, you are not covered by the rental car insurance. So it's best to ask at the rental counter when you're picking up your car as to what their policy is.

2-Door Jeep Wrangler - Hawaii Car Rentals
2-Door Wrangler. Seats 4

Removable soft tops.




Available Hawaii Jeep Wrangler Features and Amenities:
(Depends on company)
No Pre-payment Spouse Drives Free Power Brakes
No Cancellation Fee Life Partner Drives Free 4-Wheel Drive
Cancel Any Time 1-2 Additional Drivers Free Cruise Control
No Travel Agent Fee Age 21-24 add $10/day to $30/day Power Steering
No Obligation Age 20 OK, add $10/day to $30/day Air Conditioning
Unlimited Mileage Traction Control
Intermittent Wipers AM/FM Radio
Automatic Transmission Air Bags

4-Door Jeep Wrangler - Hawaii Car Rentals
4-Door Wrangler. Seats 5

Hardtops mostly in stock.
Removable roof above driver.
Removable roof above front passenger.
Roof type cannot be guaranteed.


On Jeep Wranglers, there is no surcharge for your spouse or domestic partner as an additional driver. Keep in mind that if you are ages of 21 and 24 (less than 25), Avis, Budget and Dollar has a surcharge of $27/day to rent all their cars. Enterprise is $25/day extra, but Dollar and Thrifty only charge $10/day additional (in 2021 - These rates may change at any time). So be sure to "do the math" to see who you can get the cheapest rate when renting a Wrangler (or any car) from this website. *Please note that Avis and Budget may not allow underage drivers to rent Jeep Wranglers. Request an estimate and make your reservation above.


When you inquire or make a reservation for a Jeep Wrangler, you will actually be reserving through us with the discount we pass on to you, but you will pickup your car from a narional brand Rent-A-Car company. You will be emailed a reservation confirmation immediately.

Taxes, Fees and Surcharges:

Some or all of the following taxes and fees may apply:

Tax / Fee Type Rate Applicable Locations
Rental Vehicle Surcharge $3.00/day All locations
Rental Vehicle Customer Facility Charge $4.50/day On Airport property only
Airport Concessionaire/Permittee Fee 8.25% to 11.11% On Airport property only
Honolulu County tax 0.546% Oahu only
Vehicle License Fee  $0.22 to $1.45/day All locations
GET - Hawaii State General Excise Tax 4.166% All locations

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