Weather and Wind on the Hawaiian Islands

Experience a variety of weather and winds patterns throughout all areas of the Hawaiian Islands.

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Weather on the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is your year-round destination for warm waters and a bright shining sun. The islands are the ideal place to have a vacation no matter what season because they typically experience the same comfortable temperatures all year round. Certainly different climates result in different temperatures, but with such consistency, you can always expect a shining sun and comfortable weather. Cold weather is so unusual in Hawaii, even in thje dead of winter, if the evennig temperature dips to below a figid 60 degrees at night, it's actually mentioned on TV as a news item.

Beach Weather

The beach is fine and so is the water. Year round, Hawaii’s surf conditions are ideal. Don’t be afraid, come on in! So long as the ocean’s waves are gentle vacationers can splash in the surf year-round. The average winter daytime temperature for the islands is a comfortable 76 degrees. If this isn’t enough to draw you to these pristine shores then imagine warm winter waters. Even in the winter months the beaches experience waters around 74 degrees. This means there’s always an opportunity to swim. Whether you come during Hawaii’s long summer or at its coldest time you’re still going to experience temperatures and beach weather that’s ideal for a vacation. Imagine spending the holidays away from the snow and difficult driving conditions. Many people seek out Hawaii’s perfect beach weather to escape the conditions of their home town. Simply rent a car from Hawaii Car Rentals no matter what season and take in the island’s clear roads, sunshine and beautiful tropical island weather. Drive to the beach and you can be snorkeling while folks back home are shoveling.

Upcountry Weather

If you’re planning your vacation and will be renting a car on Maui get ready to live your fantasy. Maui’s a favorite among travelers because the pristine shores stay so warm and none are a very far drive from whereever you're staying. Maui’s beaches are mostly located on the dryer leeward side. Should you decide to drive your rental car to a lower and more moderate temperature, then Upcountry Maui is the place for you. Be sure to bring at least a light jacket, especially if you're going to be spending the night. This area tends to be slightly cooler than the rest of the island because of it's higher elevation. Here you’ll find temperatures in the low 70’s, in the winter months. Summer yields ideal temperatures with the sun warming the earth to roughly the mid-80’s. If you're driving up to the Haleakal�? Volcano, dress even warmer because the elevation is over 10,000 ft.

Even though it tends to rain a bit more in Upcountry areas of Hawaii, you’ll find yourself shielded from the elements in a rental car. Use your car rental to explore the lush paradises, many hidden waterfalls and lush green tropical valleys. Even with slightly lower temperatures, it’s rare that someone complains about Upcountry weather. It’s warm, lush, and tropical and some of ther best sceneryn on earth. It’s also the best place to find hidden waterfalls positively overflowing with fresh rainwater.

Trade Winds

Hawaii’s warm trade winds blow across the islands nearly all year long from a northeasterly direction. But they are in no way related to the east coast term, "nor'easter," which is a term designated to very strong winds and storms. Trade Winds are incredibly pleasant breezes and a sailor's best friend, not to mention tourists. It's one reason Hawaii weather is much saught after by year round vacationers. They are rarely very strong. People feel that tradeinds make air conditioning unnecessary. With the nearly constant trade winds gently breezing in the Hawaiian air it’s no wonder that vacationers return again and again always citing these gentle winds as one of their reasons for returning.

Kona Winds

Kona winds develop when there is a very low pressure system to the northwest. Kona winds are not experienced as often as trade winds, but they are just as memorable. These wild winds come from a southeast direction and bring with them a degree of humidity. Often, when these warmer and more humid Kona winds blow across Hawaii, they sometimes bring with them the smell and volcanic air polution from the Kilauea volcano, which is located on the Big Island. It's called "Vog."

Wet Side Island Weather

All of Hawaii’s islands have a wet side and it's usually on the windward side of the islands. This is the side of the islands where you can expect more rainforests, more lush valleys, more waterfalls and more rain. You’ll find that Kauai is known as the “wettest place on earth” with an average of over 37 feet (yes, feet) of rain per year. The record is over 56 feet of rain in 1982. But not to worry, these torrential or nearly constant rains occur in the mostly mountainour uninhabited area at Mt. Wai-ale-ale, where it rains almost every day of the year. The Big Island, Maui, O’ahu and the other smaller neighbor islands also have their fair share of rains. If the rain is cramping your style, don’t worry. On all of Hawaii’s wet sides, the locals suggest, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.” Rains tend to breeze in and out of the area relatively quickly. In their wake they leave beautiful sun, lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and overall ideal weather.

Dry Side Island Weather

All of the islands feature a dry side. The island’s dry side is often decorated in coconut palms and other arrays of dry foliage, even cactus. Here you’ll be treated to little rain making the area less fertile but warmer overall. Less fertile is still more fertile and lush than most travelers are used to. All areas, including the dryer ones, are paradise in Hawaii. Even if you’re drawn to Hawaii’s dry side, you’ll still be treated to tropical plants and forests and all of Hawaii’s scenic charms. 

All areas in Hawaii feature natural paradise as far as the eye can see. Why not rent a car in Kona Hawaii and experience the entire island opting for a mix of wet and dry? With such a stunning array and terrain you’ll want to uncover all of the land’s natural secrets. 

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