Using a Travel Agent To Book Your Car Rental for You

A travel agent can book your rental car through us and still save you money.

What is a Travel Agent?

Travel AgentsHe or she is simply someone who can arrange the purchase of accommodations, trips, tours and transportation for their clients, and often at a discounted rate. They usually work on commission. So the better they are at finding deals for their clients, the more work and referrals they will get for their business. 

Using a Travel Agent To Book Your Trip or Car Rental

Many times the process of booking a trip and finding the best rate on your own can be overwhelming. Because of this, travelers will seek out a trip consultant booking person to help them get everything they want and need in their vacation, but at a lower price than normal.

What Can a Travel Agent Do For You?

He or she is the expert in traveling and finding the best deals around. They will save you time by doing all of the preparation and searching for you. This can be extremely useful especially when your itinerary is complex. A travel agent will get you the best value for your vacation. They have access to certain package deals and pricing that you may not otherwise have found on your own. Good travel agents are connected directly with hotels, cruise lines, airlines and resorts to get you the best package deals.

Do Travel Agents Charge a Fee?

Yes, and they should. This is how they make a living. Since many airlines drastically reduced or entirely eliminated commissions to trip consultant, they were forced to start imposing various booking fees in order to stay in business. But it is still worth using them because they can save you time and money. We encourage you to have your agent check out our generous commission program.

Can a Travel Agent Reserve my Car for Me at Hawaii Car Rentals and at Your Discount Rates?

Yes. Absolutely! But many times he or she will be reluctant to book with a wholesale automobile rental website such as this one. The reason for this is because they usually don’t receive a commission. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our agreements with the various name brand rental car companies, Hawaii Car Rentals is not able to offer or split travel agent commissions.  

What's the advantage for a Travel Agent to Reserve Your Car from Us?

A big advantage of using our website to reserve a vehicle for someone's vacation is our rates are usually much cheaper than the trip consultant would ordinarily be able to get. So if your travle agent tacks on a commission on top of our rates, you're probably still ahead in savings. This is beneficial for both the vacation consultant and the customer because the customer gets a good price and the agent receives commission as well. 

Do You Pay Travel Agents a Commission if They Reserve a Car for Me?

We wish we could. But unfortunately, by contractual agreement, we are not allowed to spilt commissions with travel agents. 

If a Travel Agents Reserves a Car for Me from Hawaii Car Rentals, Does it Cost Me More?

If your travel agent adds a fee on top of our rates as compensation for their time, then it would cost you more than if you'd booked the car yourself. However, we do not charge more for a rental car if a travel agent books your car through us. 

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