Travel Agent Commissions on Hawaii Car Rentals

Commission splits are NOT available to travel agents who book rental cars from Hawaii Car Rentals

Aloha Travel Agents - Sorry, Car Rentals in Hawaii are NOT Commissionable from us.

You asked. Here's our response:

Piece of the PieThanks for asking if booking rental cars through Hawaii Car Rentals is commissionable. The answer is, unfortunately not. We wish we could. But due to the contractual agreements we have with our name brand partners, we are not allowed to split commission with travel agents. However, you are still welcome to book through us and add your commission to the rental.

We are travel agent friendly and encourage our online customers to use a travel agent when planning a vacation. We understand that when you're working on commission, every place you can get paid sure helps. What with the airlines cutting or eliminating your commissions altogether, we want you to know that Hawaii Car Rentals is here to help offset the cost of doing business by offering lower rental car rates. We're sorry we cannot compensate you for your efforts in helping us get our cars rented out. We're just not allowed to do so by our contractual agreements.

When You Book Cars from Hawaii Car Rentals

How much do you pay travel agents?

Save MoneyBecause of the contractual agreements that we have with the various rental car brands that we represent, Hawaii Car Rentals is not allowed to split the commissions we receive on any car, no matter what price it rents for.

How much is your commission?

Travel Agent CommissionsWe are not allowed to divulge our commission percentages, which vary greatly. Our commissions depends on the type of car, the length of rental, the location and what company the car is being rented from. It depends on several factors and we never know what it will be until the rental is complete and we get paid the following month or so.

Why don't you pay commission on less expensive rentals?

We don't split or pay commissions to travel agents for cheap or short term rentals or any type of rental. Even if we wanted to, we couldn't afford to because our commission is so small for some rentals that it just isn't worth it. Some of our commission averages are quite low. So paying a travel agent is not worth the time it takes to track, bookkeeping, email and pay, much less talking to customers on the phone about a rental. As far as automating the system, we get so few travel agent commission requests, it's not worth it to us to pay a programmer to automate a system to handle such a task.

When do you get paid?

We're usually paid the month after the rental is complete, but with a couple companies, it can take longer.

Do you have free coupons for my Hawaii clients?

Yes, if you book your client's with Avis or Budget, they are entitled to Free Coupons for free admissions, gifts, food and entertainment worth hundreds of dollars. They're good on Kauai, Oahu, Maui and The Big Island.

Hawaii Car Rentals coupons, discounts, promo codes and upgrades. Free admissions, gifts, food and entertainment worth hundreds of dollars.

What about car rental shuttles for our cruise ship clients?

Information on how cruise ship passengers can arrange for a dockside car rental shuttle is on our Hawaii Cruise Ship Car Rental Shuttle Information page.

Hawaii Cruise Ship Courtesy Shuttle Information

Hawaii Cruise Ship Car Rentals Cruise Ship Port Hawaii Cruise Ship Car Rental Shuttle Information

Information on how cruise ship passengers can arrange for a dockside car rental courtesy shuttle pickup at Hawaiian ports of call.

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