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Thrifty Car Rentals has Authorized Hawaii Car Rentals to be a Wholesale Corporate Discount Vendor Partner in Hawaii.

Thrifty Hawaii Car Rental

Renting an automobile in Hawaii with Thrifty Car Rentals through us gives you pre-negotiated discount rates.

Hawaii -the perfect vacation spot:

The worlds most talked about holiday destination with the perfect blend of exotica, romance, fun and adventure is undoubtedly the cluster of Hawaiian Islands in middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian Islands, abundantly blessed by nature, pack so much fun and adventure that it would be a pity to miss even a small bit of all what these islands have to offer.

Enjoying the endless treat of miles of beaches, slopes of towering mountains, dipping valleys and rising cliffs, trips on each Hawaiian island is only possible with a well outfitted, roadworthy rental vehicle; one that you are assured of before you even land on Hawaiian shores. Hawaii Car Rentals is a very popular, safe and secure online car rental shopping destination that meets all your auto rental needs.

Get our Thrifty Discount Rates:

Thrifty is known for quality services, have thrown in some special bonuses for their services on the Hawaiian Islands. Availability of satellite tracking GPS in vehicles rented through Thrifty ensures easy navigation and worry free exploration. Thrifty deals are great at Hawaii Car Rentals. Thrifty does not expect any prepayments when you land in Hawaii and take charge of the vehicle. That's right, no anxiety, no heartburn, no surprises await you. You don't pay until you return the vehicle. Upon making your online reservation, you are immediately given and also emailed a confirmed reservation number without any payment necessary. This all happens before you arrive at your Hawaiian destination. Child seats are available for a small surcharge. What’s more, pier pick up from all pick up points with the exception of Kona are also available.

This undoubtedly makes Thrifty a more than safe bet if you are planning to take that much thought about trip you richly deserve. Hawaii Car Rentals is ready to take away the worry from your transportation needs!

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