Pickup Truck Rentals in Hawaii

Hawaii Car Rentals has pickup trucks from Enterprise to rent on Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.

Moving with a pickup truck

Chevy Silverado PickupWhether you want to have plenty of room for surfboards and other equipment, or just love the extra room, pickup truck rentals are available through Hawaiicarrentals.net. Depending on your needs, there are several options to help you find the right truck. There are two sizes of pickup truck available for rent; regular and large size trucks.

The regular size pickup trucks include Dodge Dakota, Chevy Colorado or a similar sized truck. The regular sized pickup trucks can seat four people. The large size pickup trucks available for rent include Ram 1500 Crew Cab, Chevy Silverado or a similar sized vehicle. These include V8 engines, advanced passenger and driver airbags and can seat up to six people.

Rent a Pickup Truck in Hawaii

Some of the other features of the pickup truck rentals include automatic transmission, power windows, power locks, Air Conditioning, AM/FM CD player and unlimited mileage. Hawaiicarrentals.net offers pickup truck rentals through Enterprise only.

It’s important to check with the rental company when renting a truck. Many times rentals, including truck rentals, are prohibited from going off of paved roads. With a regular or large sized truck it can be tempting to go off road, but don't do it because it will invalidate your rental agreement.

The Hawaiian Islands have several roads that rental companies prohibit drivers from entering with their rental vehicle. Ask for information on what roads can and cannot be traveled on with your rental truck. When in doubt, don’t use a road that has not been paved.

For those who are tempted to drive off road with their vehicle, which is strictly prohibited, it’s important to note that maintenance services and gas stations may be few and far in between. If you damage the vehicle or break down and need to call a towing company you’ll end up paying for the towing fees out of pocket, you'll also be on the hook for any vehicle damage. Driving off the paved roads not only nullifies your rental agreement, it also nullifies any insurance you may have purchased from the rental company.

Before driving off the lot with your rental vehicle it’s important to look over your vehicle for any scratches, dents or other noticeable damage. You want to make sure everything is accounted for on the rental companies check list so that you don’t pay additional fees for damage you didn’t create.

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