Paying Cash to Rent a Car in Hawaii with No Credit Card

Qualifications needed and how to pay cash to rent a car without a credit card.

Is cash an acceptable form of payment to rent a car in Hawaii?

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Paying Cash to Rent a Car

Pay Cash to Rent a CarIt's uncommon for people not to have a credit card. However, there are those who either don't enjoy traveling with their credit card or who just don't have one. When it comes to finding a rental car company that allows you to pay cash you may have some trouble finding one.

When Can You Pay Cash For a Rental Car?

Most rental car companies allow you to pay cash for a final payment option, but in order to take the rental off the company's property you will more often than not need a credit card. The reasoning behind this is very simple, cash-only rentals are a risky trade-off for rental companies. The potential for the rental car company to lose money is higher with these types of rentals versus those that only allow credit cards to secure the transaction.

Do Any Companies Accept Cash-Only Transactions?

Only Dollar Rent-A-Car allows customers to use cash-only transactions to rent. They do not require a credit card for picking up a vehicle for rent. However, those customers that choose this option will need to visit a travel agent in their area and prepay them with currency or traveler's checks to get a prepaid voucher. In other words, Dollar will accept a prepaid voucher that you paid cash for before you got to Hawaii. The details on this are below in the I DO NOT have a credit card section.

The prepaid voucher can then be used for the rental car transaction. Dollar will charge an additional cash deposit for incidentals. After the rental has been returned and an inspection has been done, the customer will either have to pay out more cash for additional fees incurred or they will receive cash back from the rental car company if the fees that were prepaid were in excess.

Are There Requirements for Cash Payments?

There are certain cash qualification requirements that must be met before a customer will be allowed to pay cash. The renter must meet all the requirements, including age requirements to qualify for a prepaid voucher. The customer must also show their airline ticket or current itinerary and it must contain their name, date of flight, destination information and also the flight number.

For customers who are not citizens of the U.S., Mexico or Canada, they must show a passport and also a license from their home country that includes their name, date of birth, license number and expiration date of the license.

Additional information a renter should have includes a hotel itinerary or voucher, hotel phone number and if they are staying at a private condo or residence, they must provide the phone number at that location. Those who are camping will not qualify for a cash voucher.

I have a credit card

credit cardAll the car rental companies accept cash as final payment at the counter when you return the rental. However, when you pick up your rental, unless you have a cash pre-payment voucher, you will need to present a valid credit card with the same name that is on your valid driver's license. See more detailed information about paying with a credit card, debit card, prepaid card, gift card, credit card holds, deposits and final payments in cash.

If I pay cash when I return the car, can I still reserve a car through this website and get your corporate discount rates, waivers and bonuses?

YES. Anytime you reserve through this website, you are entitled to our special rates, discounts, bonuses and waivers. You can pay cash when you return the car.

Can I pay with cash to rent a car in Hawaii?
Dollar Rent-A-Car accepts cash in the form of a prepaid voucher Can I pay with cash to rent a car in Hawaii?

I DO NOT have a credit card. I want to pay cash. Can I pay cash for my rental car?

Yes, but restrictions apply. Only Dollar Rent-A-Car will allow you to rent without showing a credit card at the pickup counter. But to rent a car from Dollar with no credit card, you will need to go to your local travel agent, pre-pay them, and get a Prepaid Voucher.

Do I need a special type of travel agent to allow me to use cash to get a pre-paid cash voucher for a Dollar rental?

Travel AgentWhat we know for sure is that travel agents who have a special arrangement with Blue Sky Tours Hawaii (BSTH) can arrange a Dollar prepay car rental. Your travel agent must be registered with BSTH in order to reserve a Dollar "cash pay" rental through them for you. To find a local travel agent in your area that is registered with BSTH, go to and enter your zip code in the slot. If there are no BSTH registered travel agents in your zip code, try some surrounding zip codes, or ask your local travel agent to register with BSTH.

Is there a minimum age requirement in order to qualify to pay cash?

Yes. It is our understanding, after speaking with a representative of BSTH on the phone, you can be as young as 18 years old and still be able to get a pre-paid voucher and rent a car at Dollar. There is a $30 per day underage driver surcharge.

Will the travel agent accept traveler's checks or my debit card?

We see no reason why a travel agent wouldn't accept traveler's checks. As far as if they will accept your debit card, you'll need to ask them.

Will a travel agent charge me an additional fee?

Probably. Since airlines, hotels, cruise ship companies, etc. lowered travel agent commissions, in order to stay in business, most travel agents may charge a booking fee.

Are there special cash qualification requirements to get a prepaid voucher?

Yes. There are special "Cash Qualification Requirements" in order to receive a pre-paid voucher.

If I have a pre-paid voucher, will I be required to deposit any more money at the Dollar pickup counter?

Dollar accepts prepaid cash vouchers for Hawaii Car Rentals Yes. You will be asked for an additional mandatory cash deposit at the counter to pay for any charges that you may possibly incur. If there are no additional charges when you return the car, any unused money will be refunded to you. The items you may need to pay a deposit for can be such things as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Gasoline - if you don't bring the car back with a full tank
  • Overtime charges - if you bring the car back late
  • Additional days over your original reservation period
  • Optional insurance coverage
  • Damage to the rental car
  • Additional driver charge
  • Child safety seats
  • GPS Navigation
  • Satellite Radio
  • Drop fees
  • Additional taxes on the above

Rental Car No Credit Card

Cash Qualification Requirements

  • Cash Pay Renter must meet age requirements in order to qualify for a pre-paid cash voucher.
  • Renter must present round trip airline ticket (or a current itinerary for an E-ticket) with the following information imprinted on the ticket:
    • Renter's name.
    • Flight number.
    • Date of flight (must coincide with return date of car).
    • Destination information (originating/arriving cities).
  • If the renter is not a U.S., Canadian or Mexican citizen, renter must have a valid passport and a valid country driver's license. We must be able to read the following on the license:
    • Renter's name.
    • Date of birth.
    • Expiration date of driver's license.
    • Driver's license number.
    • If the renter has an International Driver's License, it must be accompanied by a valid foreign country driver's license.
  • Renter must have a valid local contact and verification is MANDATORY as follows:
    • Show hotel voucher
    • Advise hotel name - call will be made to hotel.
    • Private residence - call will be made to verify (someone must be home to receive call).
  • Campers do not qualify for cash rentals.
  • *The information above is accurate to the best of our knowledge, is not under our control, and may change at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to independently verify this information with your local travel agent.
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