Parking Tickets, Speeding Tickets, Car Accidents, Stolen Rental Car

What to do in case you get a parking ticket, moving violation or are in a car accident with a Hawaii car rental

What to do if you get a parking ticket, speeding ticket, are in an accident, or your rental car is stolen

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Hawaii Car Rentals want you to have a safe and enjoyable trip:

When renting a vehicle and traveling around a new place such as Hawaii, it's easy to get distracted and get stuck with a parking ticket, a moving violation, being in an automobile accident, or worst of all, if you're walking around, being struck by a car. If you're not paying attention and you're trying to take in all the tropical scenery that Hawaii has to offer, you are at risk of such things. So whether you're driving or walking, please be careful.

What to do if you have a car accident:

Rental Car AccidentIf you get into a fender bender or a major accident it can be a little different when using a rental. The most important thing to do first is to check and make sure everyone is alright and safe. The second is to either call 911 if there are injuries or a local police department to report the accident. Once that has been done the next thing to do is to call the company you rented the vehicle from. Most big companies will leave contact information in the glove compartment of their rental cars. When you get in contact with the rental car company you should ask several questions in order to cover all your bases. Make sure you know what documentation the rental car company will require. They may even have an online accident form to fill out.

Ask if they would like additional documentation or evidence included such as photos or a written report by the driver or any witnesses. You'll also want to check to see what exact information they will need, such as the date of the accident, the time of the accident, the exact location where the accident took place, etc.

You'll also want to check with the rental car company about the insurance information they may possibly need if they don't have everything on file. If another party was at fault for the accident it's important to relay this information to your rental vehicle company along with their insurance information. Lastly, you'll need to have the vehicle towed, but you'll want to check with the company to see where they want their vehicle towed. If they don't have an exact place then you'll need to give them the information on where the rental vehicle was moved to and also find out the storage and towing fees.

Car rental insurance in case of accidents:

Car Rental Insurance ProtectionPlease be aware if you did not purchase certain types of car rental insurance when you rented and/or are not covered by your own car insurance company for such things as accident damage, towing, storage, loss of rental time, etc., you will be held responsible for all costs. Much or all of it could be charged on your credit card. We recommend that you check with your car insurance company to see if you are fully protected or purchase rental car insurance online when you reserve or when you get to Hawaii.

What to do if your rental car is stolen:

The first thing you'd want to do is to call the police and report that your rental was stolen so they can get right on it. Then call the car rental location where you picked up the vehicle and report the theft. Before you travel and rent, always check with your own personal car insurance company to see if you are insured for stolen rental cars. Auto companies have a variety of insurance protections and coverages available to be purchased online or right from the agent at the pickup desk. LDL - Loss Damage Waiver is the coverage that usually insures you in the case of a stolen rental car.

Speeding Tickets, Moving Violations:

Speeding TicketSpeeding tickets are usually, but not always, issued to drivers, not vehicles, except where automatic traffic cams are in place. If you are caught speeding by a patrol officer and are given a moving violation it is your responsibility to pay for the fine. In some states, if you don't pay the speeding tickets you get in a state other then where you reside, that state will have a record of it. In the future if you get stopped in that state for any reason and the authorities run your driver's license and see you have unpaid moving violations, you could actually be arrested. These things do not go away, so always pay your speeding tickets whether you think you were at fault or not. Unfortunately it's more time consuming and expensive to fight it than to pay.

Traffic Cams, Speeding Cameras, Red Light Cams:

Traffic CamsAs of this writing, March 2012, we are not aware of Van Cams, Traffic Cams, Red Light Cams or Speeding cameras being implemented in the state of Hawaii. This does not mean there are none now or there won't be any in the future. So be aware and always obey traffic laws while visiting Hawaii. Since 1998, the state of Hawaii has attempted and failed (because of public outcry) to permanently implement van-cams, red light cams, speeding cams. Automatic red light cameras are across the nation for the purpose of catching speeders and red light runners. These cameras take photos of the vehicle, driver and license plate and the fine is mailed to the vehicle owner. In the case of a rental car, the fine would be mailed directly to the company you rented from. In turn, they will not only pass the fine amount on to the renter by way of charging their credit card, they will also charge an administrative fee. This administrative fee may be as high as $50, which is in addition to the fine.

Be careful while walking - Pedestrian Safety:

WalkingWalkingHawaii ranks 4th in the nation for pedestrian fatalities. These fatalities mostly occur at intersections. While a pedestrian or driver in Hawaii may be on vacation, both may be dazzled by the newness and beautiful scenery and not paying as much attention as they could. So please be careful whether you're driving or walking.

Parking Tickets:

Parking Meter TicketCar rental companies across the nation process thousands of unpaid parking tickets every single day. They would rather not because it is expensive for them to administer such things. When a parking ticket is issued, it is issued to the owner of the vehicle, not to a person. In this case, the owner of the vehicle is the car rental company. If you get a parking ticket while renting an automobile and don't pay it while in Hawaii, the bill is sent to the company by the local jurisdiction where the parking ticket was issued. It is the responsibility of you as the renter to pay for the fine one way or another whether you think you were at fault or not. If you're in Hawaii on vacation and get a parking ticket, you can take care of it a couple different ways. One is more expensive than the other.

  • Pay the ticket while in Hawaii (The least expensive, least time-consuming.):
  • You can pay for the parking ticket while you're in Hawaii. But just to make sure you cover all future possibilities, give the evidence of the payment to the rental company upon return of the rental vehicle. Then you're probably done with it.

  • Let the jurisdiction send the fine to the rental car company (Expensive and time consuming):
  • Most of the big companies have departments set up specifically to administer the payment of parking and moving violation tickets. This is to ensure that these companies are not held liable for the ticket. If you don't pay your parking ticket while in Hawaii, the jurisdiction will send the parking ticket bill payment demand to the company. In turn, the company will not only pass the fine amount on to you by way of charging your credit card, they will also charge you an administrative fee. This administrative fee may be as high as $50. So it's best to just pay the ticket while you're in Hawaii. If you don't have time to take care of the parking ticket while in Hawaii, you should mail your payment as soon as possible once you return home. By that time the jurisdiction will surely have billed the auto rental company and they will most certainly have charged your credit card. So be sure to keep a record of your payment so when you do get a notice from the company that they have charged your credit card for the ticket plus the administrative fee. Then you can prove you paid the ticket and hopefully have the auto rental company remove both charges.

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