Are the Cheapest Car Rental Rates Online or in Person at the Counter?

Get your cheapest rates by booking online at Hawaii Car Rental:

We do not jack up prices due to supply and demand. The discounts offered are the same whether you reserve the day before or months beforehand. However, the availability of certain cars may vary due to supply and demand. 

There are many tips and tricks to finding the best rental car rates. Many people will go right to the source, the rental car company, and rent their vehicle from the agent at the front counter. Others will plan their car rental in advance, hoping to get the best deal and rate by renting early.

In most cases, except during peak demand or holiday times, you are able to rent and actually get a vehicle most any time, whether comfortably in advance or at the last minute. The difference between renting early versus renting last minute is that your choice of vehicle may be very limited if you choose a last minute rental. Obviously, this will depend on the rental car company’s location and the time of season you’re renting.

In order to reserve a rental car you can go online, which is the fastest, easiest, cheapest and best way, or you can call a company directly. However, if a rental car company is busy you may wait with your call unanswered for quite a while be put on hold in order to make your reservation. People at the front desk are trained in customer service so the person in front of them is a top priority, especially at local off-airport neighborhood locations.

Reserving an automobile online is a quick and easy way to make a reservation. There are also many discounts, coupons and promotion codes available when you reserve a vehicle online. Another great way to save money online with your rental vehicle is to book your flight, hotel and vehicle all in one.

Many websites will give you special discounts if you reserve early, however, last minute reservations tend to be much more expensive. Some last minute retail website vehicle hires can cost as much as 300 percent more than the cost of reserving early or online. 

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