Multi-Island Car Rentals

Car rental information for island-hopping tourists who are visiting multiple Hawaiian islands

What does Multi-Island mean when it comes to renting a car?

What does Multi-Island mean?

Hawaii State MapOne of the best ways to see the state of Hawaii is to island hop. Since there is little public transportation except in Honolulu, this means you'll probably need a rental car on each island you visit. Many Hawaiian guests, about one third, visit more than one island on their vacation to Hawaii. This is known as island-hopping. As far as car rentals are concerned, when people think of multi-island, it means visitors are looking for special multi-island package deals on rental car rates. Visitors to Hawaii often inquire as to whether Hawaii Car Rentals offers multi-island car rental rates.

Do you offer Multi-Island Rates?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide multi-island rental car rates. This types of discount are not possible with the system the car rental companies have set up for us. It is necessary to make a separate reservation for each car for each location you plan on visiting. But don't abandon hope because we think we have pretty cheap daily rental car rates.

You may be able to get a "multi-island" package deal with some of the large internet booking agencies you see advertised on TV, but they usually require payment up front, a "booking fee," and you won't be able to cancel or change your reservations without having to pay a substantial penalty. With, there is no fee to change or cancel your reservation and we have no booking or reservation fees. Even though you may be able to get a package rate with the big guys, obviously you'll still need to go to the pickup location at each isle you visit.

Does the weekly rate apply if I stay 4 days on one island plus 3 days on another?

No. We are unable to offer Multi-Island rental car rates. You cannot, for example, combine a 4 day rental and a 3-day rental and get the 7-day, one week rate. In this example, you will be charged the daily rate for each location segment; 4 days at the daily rate and 3 days at the daily rate. Yes, this will be more than one rental at the weekly rate (because it will be 7 daily rates). If you're visiting more than one Hawaiian Isle, you'll need to make reservations for each location you travel to and pay the daily rate at each location, unless you're staying 5, 6, or 7 days, because 5, 6, or 7 days is considered a 1-week rental. As far as the rental companies are concerned, 1, 2, 3 and 4 day rentals are charged at the daily base rate (plus taxes and fees). 5, 6 and 7 days are charged at the one-week base rate (plus taxes and fees). Taxes and fees are based on the number of days you rent the car. If you're island hopping for a month, we suggest reserving in 1-week increments. You'll save money that way.

What about Cruise Ship passengers?

There are six cruise ship ports in Hawaii; Nawiliwili (Kauai), Honolulu (Oahu), Lahaina (Maui), Kahului (Maui) and Kona and Hilo (Big Island). On a 7 day (one week) cruise, for example, you may want to disembark at each port to sightsee. In this case, you may find it necessary to rent a vehicle at each port. Unfortunately, you'll be charged the daily rental base rate at each port (plus taxes and fees).

For shuttles to your rental car from the dock, it's easy - check out our "Hawaii Cruise Ship Car Rentals & Dockside Ports of Call Shuttle Pickup Information" page. Some cruise ship passengers gather others together and divide the cost of a 12 passenger or 15 passenger group van rental. For Kauai and Maui, perhaps an 8-passenger SUV might suit your needs. 7 passenger minivans are available on all islands. For cruise ship passengers who are staying in Honolulu hotels or returning each evening to the ship, you'll probably want to know about Daytime and Overnight Parking for Rental Cars in Honolulu.

How much are taxes and fees?

In addition to the base rates, all vehicle rentals in Hawaii are charged mandatory Hawaii taxes and fees. Again, this amount is over and above the base rates you see quoted on our rates page. Taxes and fees are collected by Avis, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty and Enterprise, but the money goes to the State of Hawaii, not the car rental companies or us, Hawaii Car Rentals.

Some or all of the following taxes and fees may apply

Tax / Fee Type Rate Applicable Locations
Vehicle Registration Fee / Weight Tax $.22 to $1.45 / day All locations
Airport Concessionaire/Permittee Fee 11.11% Airport locations only
GET - Hawaii State General Excise Tax 4.166% All locations
Rental Vehicle Customer Facility Surcharge $4.50 / day Airport locations only
Rental Vehicle Surcharge Tax $3.00 / day All locations
Honolulu County tax 0.546% Oahu only
Car rental taxes and fees are manditory industry-wide charges required by the State of Hawaii.
Car rental companies only get to keep the base rate. All taxes, fees and surcharges collected and listed above go to the state.

Is there any way to save money on the cost of a rental car?

Since Hawaii Car Rentals is a wholesale corporate discount vendor partner with Avis, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty and Enterprise, we are able to provide you with our very competitive pre-negotiated discount rates, bonuses and waivers. These companies compete with one another and often times, even though you'll need to make separate reservation for each island you visit, one company might have a cheaper rental car rate on one island location, but on another island, a competitor will have a cheaper rate. So you may end up choosing one company to book your rental with on say, Honolulu, but book with a different car rental company on Kauai, and possibly a third company while staying in Hilo or Kona on the Big Island. Of course, for familiarity and simplicity purposes, some people prefer to book with one company for all the locations they visit. If you're on a one month trip, we suggest reserving in weekly increments. You'll save money that way.

Are there ferries between the islands.

Travel between Maui and Molokai is accomplished by taking the Maui-Molokai Ferry. It is NOT a vehicle ferry. If you're wondering about the Hawaii Super-Ferry, was only in service for a few months time, but ceased operations in March of 2009 due to legal and environmental issues as well as protests from Maui and Kauai residents.

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