Activities of The Friendly Island - Molokai

Molokai fun activities are full and plenty for people of all ages

Find many fun and adventurous activities on Molokai for your vacation in Hhawaii

Better known as "The Friendly Island"

Molokai sets the perfect example of the vibrant aloha spirit. You can view the lights of Honolulu from the island's west end and even Maui is visible from the south shore. The majority of the population of the island are native Hawaiians. There are several exotic species of plants scattered on the island and the island is also home to a 'wingless fly' – a rare kind of insect.

Quite a variety of adventures await tourists on Molokai. You can explore the long reefs while you go ocean kayaking. From cultural hiking trips and bicycle tours to underwater exploration and Molokai golf – Molokai attractions are full and plenty for people of all ages.

Diving into the Deep

As mentioned before Molokai ocean kayak outings are a delightful experience and so are surfing expeditions, scuba trips, diving and snorkeling. You can have a great time in the tropical sun and sand by simply hanging out on the beach or going in for more adrenaline pumping activities.

Outdoor Molokai Activities

Take in the beauty of the 'Friendly Isle' by opting for sightseeing tours. This is a great way to find out more about the culture, heritage, flora, and fauna of the island in an organized manner. You can also explore the tropical rainforests and ragged mountainsides on a hiking trip. The island is just 10 miles wide and 38 miles long, and if you spend a few days on the island you can cover the entire area by bike or car. There are several historic places that can be visited. Mooula Falls in the historic Halawa Valley would be a great option for a day trip. If you are an avid golfer then you should definitely spend a day at one of the many golf courses. Golf is popular among most tourists who either want to have a challenging game or just want to enjoy some light-hearted sport.

Helicopter tours are available for those you want a bird's eye view of the island. The experience of travelling in a chopper around the ragged edges of the mountains with green lush valleys below and the pristine blue ocean all around is an enthralling one.

Wine, Dine, and Dance

Luaus are not as frequent as ones on the other islands of Hawaii. But select places on the island do organize Polynesian singers and dancers for entertainment along with delicious Hawaiian cuisine and fine spirits to keep their guests coming back for more.

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