Hawaii Additional Driver Fees Waived

Information about no charge for additional drivers when renting a car from Hawaii Car Rentals

Additional Driver Fee Waivers:

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Additional Driver Benefits Offered

1 Additional Driver

Spouse & Domestic Partner

Spouse & Domestic Partner

2 Additional Drivers

1 Additional Driver

Spouse & Domestic Partner

2 Additional Drivers

Are you confused? I would be too. So first, let me offer my apologies for the discrepancies and confusion about this issue. I get more emails about this subject than any other, so I decided to make this web page in hopes of answering your questions about the additional driver fee waivers. It is an attempt to satisfy your concerns and also to explain the additional driver issue as best I can.

Steve Parquet, owner

The Main Questions People Ask:

The Bottom Line

Do I have to pay an additional driver fee when renting through this website? All companies allow spouse and domestic partner as the additional driver with no surcharge. Other companies also allow 1 or 2 additional drivers regradless if they are spouse or domestic partner.

Why do some of the car companies say I might or will be charged?

What you're seeing from them is their national terms and conditions statement. It does NOT pertain to our Hawaii only corporate agreement with them, which supercedes theirs. They don't draw up separate terms and condition for every location or every corporate account such as ours.

The Bottom Line is this: The "Hawaii Only" terms and conditions in the contracts we have with the various car rental companies supersedes their nationwide terms & conditions. The car rental companies we are partnered with are not going to change their national terms and conditions statements or their websites to accommodate one market - Hawaii. It is up to us, Hawaii Car Rentals, a corporate discount vendor partner of these companies, to explain it to our customers.

When you reserve your car through Hawaii Car Rentals, the pre-negotiated contractual agreement that we have with Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz or Thrifty takes priority over their terms and conditions that you see on their websites or in the terms & conditions section of your rental agreement with them.

As an example, when renting with Dollar via this website, if in their terms and conditions it says you will or may be charged for each additional driver. But this website says additional driver fee is waived. Because of our agreement with Dollar, you would get the additional driver at no charge because our "Hawaii Only" agreement takes precedence.

Above, listed under each company's logo, are the Additional Driver Benefits allowed when renting through this website.

More Specifically:

During or after you make your reservation, you may notice in the car rental company Terms and Conditions it states you may (or will) be charged an additional driver fee, possibly as much as $13.50/day. In your reservation confirmation it may or may not mention anything about additional drivers. If you call the car rental companies on the phone, most likely they will say you will be charged, or they don't know us, or it's not part of the corporate agreement they have with us (S-c-r-e-a-m!). It might help if you gave them the corporate ID number that we have with that particular company. Once again, we apologize for this confusion.

As stated above, Hawaii Car Rentals is on special Hawaii-only programs that we have arranged with all the rental car companies. Though we have requested it (since 2003), the car rental companies, for the most part, have not integrated our special Hawaii bonuses and waivers into their website or into their Terms and Conditions you see when you make your reservation. On some of their websites, what you get or don't get may be stated incorrectly or not at all. We have no control over this and do not expect them to change it either. Like I stated above, it is up to Hawaii Car Rentals (us), to explain it to our customers. Please read the next paragraph...

What do I have to do to get the additional driver fee waiver? (See the Thrifty EXCEPTION)

There is nothing special you need to do. The additional driver fee waiver WILL be allowed to you simply by booking through our website. I Guarantee You Will NOT Be Charged! No one who has ever booked through Hawaii Car Rentals using our corporate discount web links (only) has ever been charged for an additional driver if the company they were renting from allowed the free driver waiver at that time.This bonus/waiver, along with the special rates listed on our website, are built right into our special web links that take you right to each car rental company reservations page.

Once again, there is nothing special you need to do to get the additional driver benefit. And you don't need any sort of coupon to get these waivers. When you get to Hawaii to pick up your car, everything will be in the agent's computer - the special rates as well as the special waivers. You don't even have to mention it. It is all adjusted automatically via computer at the car rental counter - and you will not be charged. No one ever has been charged in the over 10 years we've been renting cars for Avis, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty and Enterprise. I always tell people if you reserve through our website using our special links and are charged for some reason, then I will make sure you are reimbursed. I've never ever had to reimburse anyone since I started renting cars in 2003.

Who is responsible if my "Additional Driver" gets into a (their fault) accident or damages the car?

It is our understanding if you are on the rental contract as the primary renter of the vehicle, and the "additional driver" gets into an accident, you are the responsible party since you are the person renting the car, whether you are driving at the time or not. Always check with your insurance company to see what and what is not covered in your particular policy. All the rental car companies have various types of insurance coverages available at the reservations desk or online when you reserve.


Specials, Hot Deals, Wild Cards - Warning:

When you are making your car rental reservation on the Thrifty reservations page(s), sometimes Hot Deals, Specials, Wild cards or other discounts are displayed. If you click on one of those offers, you can definitely take advantage of the offer - you might even get a lower rate than we can offer at that particular time. However, if you do take advantage of the offer, please be advised that you will lose the additional driver fee waiver as well as the young driver surcharge reduction that are offered by Hawaii Car Rentals. By clicking on one of those specials, you may now have even been bumped from our corporate discount web link code (the special Hawaii only corporate agreement that we have with Thrifty). In that case, you will not be entitled to our special rates and waivers even if you decided to NOT take advantage of the Thrifty retail website special offers and tried to reserve a car during the same session. Whether you did or did not accept one of these offers on the Thrifty retail website and you'd like to go back and make a do-over or a different reservation so you can get our special rates and waivers, here's our corporate discount link: http://hawaiicarrentals.thrifty.com. It's the same corporate discount link that is on our rates pages. Just make sure you see our corporate ID number (HT14004149) in the Corporate slot. And don't forget to cancel your other reservation if you made one. It's probably best if you close and reopen your browser and start over.

See Standard Rates / See Corporate Rates - Warning:

When you book through www.hawaiicarrentals.net with Thrifty and get to the "select a car" page, please be advised if you click on "See Standard rates" (see the graphic below that looks like this ), it will show you a set of rates that may or may not be lower than our corporate discount rates. Because of supply and demand, on that particular day, if there is a excess of cars that Thrifty needs to get rented out, the "standard rates" might be lower on their retail website than our corporate discount rates. That's great - go ahead and book a car at that rate - But please be advised, if you inadvertently select a standard rate car, you will NOT be entitled to any additional bonuses at all, such as underage driver surcharge fee discount or additional driver fee waivers. You WILL be charged $27/day if you are 21 to 24 and you will be charged for additional drivers (usually $12/day). Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do after the fact to help you out on this. Nevertheless, do not despair, in many cases, the total cost of the rental might not be much more costly than if you had not selected standard rates. But that depends on how low the standard rates offered were on that particular day. Lots of times it turns out to be, as they say, "six of one, half dozen of the other."

Thrifty Does Not Allow Double Benefits:

Like all companies, Thrifty does not allow double benefits. We've all seen or heard the statement, "may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion." - ie: a lower than our corporate rate AND the additional driver fee waivers and underage driver surcharge fee discounts. But if having these bonuses are not an issue for you and the standard (retail) rate is lower than our corporate discount rate that day, by all means, go with the lower rate. I certainly would. In many cases, if you inadvertently happen to select " standard rates" and not our "corporate rates" because they were lower and you also have to pay for an additional driver or the full underage fee, the total cost of the rental might not be a whole lot different than if you had selected corporate rates and didn't have to pay for those bonuses. But all that depends on how low the standard rates that were offered that day were. Lots of times it turns out to be, as they say, "six of one, half dozen of the other."

Corporate Rates Screen Capture: (Thrifty only)

Corporate Rates

Standard Rates Screen Capture: Thrifty only)

Standard Rates

Once again, our apologies for the confusion. Have a great time in Hawaii.

Steve Parquet, President

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