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How about renting the GPS Navigation System option with your next rental car?

GPS Navigation by GarminWhen navigating any of Hawaii’s islands, it’s essential to have your rental equipped with a GPS unit. GPS satellites are constantly circling the earth and transmitting their signals. Their maps are precise within a few feet. And when vacationing, this kind of precision is going to save you from getting lost. With the unique ability to determine your speed, direction, time and location, a GPS unit can turn a drive into a relaxing scenic road trip. With less to worry about, you’ll find yourself enjoying your vacation more, even when you’re behind the wheel. Check out all available rental car options and accessories.

The last thing you want to do when you touch down on one of the Hawaiian islands on your vacation is wonder how to get to where you're going. If you're exhausted from a long flight traveling from the mainland to say, for example, the Honolulu airport, and then on to the Maui Airport where you'll be picking up your rental car in Kahului, the last thing you want to deal with, especially if it's at night, is to figure out is how to get to your condo in Lahaina.

Is GPS necessary? Why rent GPS?

It’s difficult learning how to get around in a new place. A GPS unit takes the questioning out of directions and where you're going. With GPS, if you discover a destination you love, simply speak it to the voice activated controls. You can even save your favorite destinations, easily calling them up whenever you want to visit that place again. Most GPS units are voice-activated, meaning you can adjust your route while driving without taking your hands off the wheel. You can even make hands-free phone calls with the device or even listen to Mp3 music or audio books. When you can keep your eyes on the road instead of a map, you’re truly safe. Plus, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore more Hawaiian beauty.

A GPS unit is an essential upgrade to your car rental, especially when vacationing in Hawaii. Hawaiian street names can be very complicated, and often sound different when spoken. When your car rental is equipped with a GPS unit, it will do the reading for you, offering turn-by-turn directions you can rely on. If you ever take a wrong turn, the GPS will instantly re-route you and get you back on your way. Whether you’re planning a scenic road trip or you’re looking for the fastest route possible, the best way to keep from getting lost is to upgrade to a GPS-equipped rental car.

Who rents what navigation system?

Since 2006, Avis and Budget have been proud to supply all their rental cars with the Garmin Where2 GPS Navigation System. With Dollar and Thrifty cars, you have the option of renting the Bluetooth wireless equipped Garmin Nüvi GPS Navigation System. Make phone calls through the car speakers and tell all your friends back on the mainland what a great time you're having in Hawaii. Enterprise supplies their rental car fleet with the Garmin StreetPilot GPS Navigation. Rent one at the counter today and never get delayed or lost again with the preloaded City Navigator street maps with turn by tuirn instructions.

Choose Hawaii Car Rentals

Hawaii Car Rentals offers affordable car rentals from Avis, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty, and Enterprise, all of which offer various models of Garmin GPS Satellite Navigation systems for rent. All of our rental car and GPS rates are competitive. Whether you’re looking to rent a car for a month or you simply want to take a day-trip around the Kauai coast, a rental from Hawaii Car Rentals gets you there on time and in style. No matter what island you’re visiting, or for how long, our rentals are perfect for your Hawaiian vacation. All of our rentals come with affordable GPS as well as other add on options and accessories. Choosing GPS on your Hawaiian vacation is like choosing to fall in love with the scenery. When you "keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel," you won’t miss any of Hawaii’s beautiful road-side attractions.

GPS Rental Rates:

$14.95/day | $69.75/week | $99.50/Max per rental
$13.99/day | $97.93/week | $195.86/month
$12.99/day | $69.65/week | $179.99 Rental Maximum
$16.99/day | $118.93/week | $237.86/month

The Big Island

Navigating the Big Island requires a lot of travel. Unlike other Hawaiian islands, the Big Island is massive. It’s over 4,000 square miles of incredible terrain. You’ll want to see it all, but you can’t if you don’t have a car. More than likely you’ll get lost if your rental car doesn’t come pre-equipped with a GPS unit.

From its massive volcanoes to the beauty of Kona, there is a lot to see on the Big Island. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the biggest park in all of Hawaii and features an active volcano. You’ll get a rush driving through the park and eventually parking your car to hike the rest of the way to the crater’s edge. In order to get there, you simply plug in the destination’s address or the name of your destination. All GPS units come pre-loaded with the island’s map, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re planning on staying in Hilo you’ll definitely want a car. GPS will get you where you’re going. Known for its incredible forests and beautiful waterfalls, the Hilo area is an excellent spot to vacation but it is best navigated with a car. A GPS unit is going to help you find all of those out-of-the-way destinations without becoming lost.


Maui is a prime Hawaiian destination. This incredible island has it all, from pristine beaches to the rolling upcountry hills from Makawao to Ulupalakua. Find yourself spending a day in Haleakala National Park and another in Lahaina, but with names like these, the destinations may be difficult to find on a map. Being that Maui is Hawaii’s second largest island, you’ll want a rental equipped with GPS to help you navigate the terrain.

From the airport in Maui simply speak your hotel to the device. It should populate the address for you, or you can manually type it in and you're on your way. Make sure to save your hotel as a favorite, ensuring you’ll always find your way home. From there you can favorite a number of other destinations including nearby eateries and beaches. The GPS unit can always help you find a meal when you search what’s nearby your location.


Beautiful Oahu is Hawaii’s third largest island. Although it’s not as big in landmass as other neighbor islands, it does feature Hawaii’s biggest cities, Honolulu. It's a big city, meaning lots of opportunities to get lost. Instead of finding yourself lost you’ll want to truly find yourself on one of Oahu’s stunning beaches or underneath a waterfall. This is best achieved by renting a car equipped with GPS.

Oahu is home to some of Hawaii’s best shopping. If you’re looking for a particular store, restaurant or other destination, simply speak it to the GPS unit. It will populate with the closest option first and all others in a list underneath. You’ll be able to easily select your destination and be on your way to your destination via satellite driven locations instructions.


It’s quite easy to understand why GPS is helpful in Kauai. Of all Hawaii’s islands, Kauai is the least developed. This means fewer opportunities to stop and ask for directions. It also means that printed maps may be outdated and not show some of the newer roads and resorts. The best way to ensure your map is up to date on the island of Kauai is to use GPS. GPS units are updated constantly ensuring your destination is corrent and on it's mapping system.

Many of Kauai’s best destinations aren’t nearby each other. Along the North Shore, you’re treated to world-class golfing and pristine beaches. The East Shore has a larger population with access to shopping. The West Side is historic and features the famous Waimea Canyon. To see it all, rent a car today and choose to equip it with GPS satellite navigation.

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