Frequent Car Renter Customer Loyalty Programs

Find out about the advantages and various frequent car rental customer loyalty programs from Hawaii Car Rentals

Avis Loyalty Program
Budget Loyalty Program
Dollar Loyalty Program
Thrifty Loyalty Program
Enterprise Loyalty Program

Hawaii Car Rentals encourages you to use your loyalty program card numbers when renting.

What is a Frequent Car Renter Customer Loyalty Programs

With frequent car rentals come great rewards. Many companies show repeat customers appreciation by giving them rewards. When choosing an auto hire company you should always look at those that give their loyal customers perks and extras in order to get the best deal on your next rental.

Why Do Rental Car Companies Offer Frequent Customer Loyalty Programs?

Auto rental companies offer these reward programs to their frequent renters in order to build customer loyalty and to make the experience of renting a vehicle better. With frequent renter customer loyalty programs you can rent your vehicle faster and easier and are rewarded for doing so. The competition between vehicle rental companies is high and any way of becoming a standout amongst the others is always taken under consideration by consumers.

Can I Use My Frequent Renter Loyalty Program Numbers?

When you rent through Hawaii Car Rentals you can usually enter your frequent renter program number during the reservation process. This way you may possibly accumulate points or free rental days for your rental. How much credit you get depends on the automobile rental company. But most auto rental companies will not allow you to use your frequent renter customer loyalty program number to reap any immediate benefits associated with our already low rates, discounts and waivers. It’s important for those customers with loyalty programs to at least try and enter their numbers to see if exceptions are made. But we've all heard the phrase, "This special offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer, coupon, special, etc.�? All we can say is to try your number and see what happens. But rest assured that with our cheap rates, special bonuses and waivers, you're guaranteed a great deal. Renters tell us they have been able to enter their loyalty card numbers when reserving through us. They say they got a cheaper car rental rate though us than if they'd reserved through the car company retail website and used their loyalty number.

What are the Names of the Frequent Car Renter Loyalty Programs?







Avis offers a Wizard program to their loyal frequent renting customers. 




For those loyal customers of Budget, you can sign up for Fastbreak or RapidRez programs.



Express ID

Dollar has an Express ID program for those customers who use them frequently. 



Blue Chip

Thrifty offers the Blue Chip program. 



Enterprise Plus,
Emerald Club

Enterprise offers Enterprise Plus and Emerald Club Program to those loyal customers who want rewards. Entering your program number is allowed, but no additional benefits will be permitted.


Can I Use My Airline Frequent Flyer Customer Program Number?

Yes, you can use your number if there is a slot on the car rental reservation request form. But be advised that some companies, for example, Dollar and Thrifty, will impose a Frequent Flyer surcharge. Some companies say it will not exceed $1.50/day, $10.50/week, $45/month. This surcharge is to offset the cost of managing the program. You may gain air mileage points by using your frequent flyer number, but it will NOT allow you any further discount other than the rates you see on this website. Programs cannot be combined for double-discounting.

You cannot use your frequent flyer miles to actually pay for a car rental from this website.

If you would like to pay for a car rental using your frequent flyer mileage points, you will need to arrange that through the airline, American Express, or whoever you're signed up with, and redeem your mile that way. Again, the car rental will be at their rates (points allowed). No benefits, waivers or discounted rates from this website will apply because you will then be going through your points provider rather than this website.

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