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Enterprise has authorized Hawaii Car Rentals to be a corporate discount partner in Hawaii

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Renting an Enterprise car in Hawaii through Hawaii Car Rentals gives you special discount rates.

Hawaii Beckons You:

Hawaii beckons scores of tourists to its scenic beaches, lofty mountains and its verdant green valleys year after year. The exotic Hawaiian Islands have long been the dream destination for many an aspiring and adventurous traveler. Vacationers carry back tales of their experiences that are the thing of dreams. No one wants to miss even a tiny portion of these islands that dot the Pacific Ocean like gems in a crown.

Nevertheless, to make the most of a much looked forward to trip one needs to ensure one’s mobility with the help of a well outfitted, roadworthy and trouble free vehicle. Moreover, this needs to be worked out much before you actually travel to the islands so you can rest assured knowing you will have a Rental Car waiting for you as you land on the Hawaiian Shores.

Get our Discount Rates:

Enterprise Car Rentals has worked out a wonderful arrangement with ous at predetermined rates that are far cheaper than booking directly. A lot of added benefits are thrown in such as waivers of spouse and domestic partner fees, and an under the age of 25 reduced surcharge fee as well. Enterprise offers a 29 minute grace period so one can drink in some more of the scenic surroundings rather than be in a tearing hurry to hand over the auto rental. However, an additional day will be charged if you're 2 1/2 hours late returning the car.

All vehicles have automatic transmission with air conditioning and their rates include FREE unlimited mileage. An added bonus is that there are no pre payments required on booking. Enterprise has yet to extend its rental services to Molokai and Lanai. As per their specifics, to rent compact to full size the driver has to be 21 years of age and age 25+ for sizes above full size.

Enterprise practices complete transparency in their rates and surcharges by clearly mentioning all applicable rates on the Hawaii Car Rental website. The site takes pride in being user friendly and comprehensive and offering as much clarity in communication as is necessary for a potential customer for taking the right decision. Enterprise operates its Rental Services in Hawaii through Hawaii Car Rentals and stands committed to the promise of providing great rentals at unbeatable Discounted prices.

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