Drop Charge Rates and Fees for One-Way Rental Cars in Hawaii

Drop off your Hawaii car rental between airports, hotels and non-airport locations on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island

How much are Hawaii one way car rental charges?

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What is a Car Rental Drop Charge?

A drop charge or drop fee is imposed by a car rental company when you pick up a rental car from one location and return it to a different location than where you had originally picked it up. Sometimes a the charge is called a one-way fee. Some companies charge a drop fee going one way but not the other way. But most of the time there will be a charge no matter which direction you're going.

Check around and compare:

For the same direction, you might find that one car rental company will have a one way fee and others may not. Sometimes drop charges vary during the month at the larger metropolitan area airport locations due to them needing more or fewer vehicles at that particular location. At times there will be no charge at all if a car rental company needs cars at the location you're traveling to. But a week or a month later, there will be a charge. It is most common for the car rental agencies to allow dropping off a rental car between larger cities and most commonly between their airport locations. On the mainland USA, if you're taking the rental car a long distance and dropping it off in another state, the rate or drop off cost can be quite extreme. Drop fees may vary from no charge at all to many hundreds of dollars, even as high as $1,000, depending on the USA location.

Possible Charges:

  • If vehicle is returned at another location, in most cases, expect to pay a drop charge.
  • Vehicles left at any airport parking lot without prior approval, are subject to a penalty as well as all applicable fees such as towing & parking fees.
  • If vehicle is returned at Honolulu Airport, additional fees apply. Cars left at airport without authorization will be subject to a $200.00 charge.
  • Daily charges continue until vehicle is towed to original location (or drop fee applies).
  • Key replacement charges may apply (possibly $250).
  • Towing charges apply.
  • Parking ticketing charges apply - as much as $75 or more.

Hawaii Car Rental Drop Charge Rates:

The one-way car rental drop charge ratesin Hawaii range from free (no charge) to as much as $85 one way. As far as getting the drop fee eliminated or reduced in Hawaii when you rent from Hawaii Car Rentals, I would say it's not possible. We've all heard of the saying, "Not valid with any other offers." Well, that certainly applies to Hawaii Car Rentals because of our already reduced rates and bonuses are as low as the car rental companies we represent allow us to discount.

Can I Avoid the One Way Drop Charge?

It is unlikely you'll be able to avoid a one way drop charge in Hawaii if you're reserving from locations that have a fee. It doesn't hurt to try asking though, but it's more likely you'll be able to avoid the fee from the mainland US rental car companies. Some people say that once you make your reservation, you can call the car company and try to negotiate the fee down or try to have it eliminated altogether.

Pickup / Dropoff Locations

- - - -- - - - Hawaii Car Rental One Way Drop Charge Rates - - - - -  - -
Charges may not be 100% accurate. Please verify these charges directly with car rental company.

Oahu One-Way Rates Avis Rates Budget Rates Dollar Rates Enterprise Rates Hertz One Way Drop Charges Thrifty Rates
HNL to Non-airport  - - - *$30  - -
Non-airport to Non-airport  - - - *$30  - -
Non-airport to HNL - - - *$50   -
HNL to HN6 (Hyatt Waikiki) - $15 - -   -
HN6 (Hyatt Waikiki) to HNL - $50 - -   -
HNL to Waikiki - - $40 -   $40
Waikiki to HNL - - $40 -   $40
Maui One-Way Rates Avis Rates Budget Rates Dollar Rates Enterprise Rates   Thrifty Rates
OGG to JHM $40 $40 $40 -   -
JHM to OGG $60 $60 $40 -   -
OGG to K2H (Kihei) $40 - - -   -
K2H (Kihei) to OGG $60 - - -   -
K2H (Kihei) to JHM $60 - - -   -
WL8 (Fairmont Kea Lani) to OGG $60 - - -   -
WL8 (Fairmont Kea Lani) to JHM $40 - - -   -
OGG to OG1 (Wailea) - $40 - -   -
OG1 (Wailea) to OGG - $60 - -   -
JHM to OG1 (Wailea) - $40 - -   -
OG1 (Wailea) to JHM - $40 - -   -
OGG to Maui non-airport - - - *$50   -
Non-airport to Non-airport - - - *$50   -
Maui non-airport to OGG - - - *$75   -
Big Island One-Way Rates Avis Rates Budget Rates Dollar Rates Enterprise Rates   Thrifty Rates
KOA (Kona) to ITO (Hilo) Free Free $65 *$75   $65
KOA to King Kam. Hotel - - $35 -   $25
KOA to Fairmont Orchid - - $50 -   -
ITO (Hilo) to KOA (Kona) $75 $75 $85 *$75 $75  $85
ITO (Hilo) to King Kam. Hotel - - $75 -   $65
ITO (Hilo) to Fairmont Orchid - - $50 -   -
King Kam. Hotel to KOA - - $50 -   $25
King Kam. Hotel to ITO - - $75 -   $65
King Kam. Hotel to Fairmont Orchid - - $75 -   -
Fairmont Orchid to KOA - - $75 -   -
Fairmont Orchid to ITO - - $75 -   -
Fairmont Orchid to King Kam. Hotel - - $75 -   -
Kauai One-Way Rates Avis Rates Budget Rates Dollar Rates Enterprise Rates   Thrifty Rates
LIH (Lihue) to HPV (Princeville) $45 - - -   -
HPV (Princeville) to LIH (Lihue) $45 - - -   -
LIH (Lihue) to K3H (Hyatt Poipu) Free - - -   -
K3H (Hyatt Poipu) to LIH (Lihue) Free - - -   -
LIH (Lihue) to (Sheraton Poipu) - - $50 -   -
Sheraton Poipu to LIH (Lihue) - - $50 -   -

  • *Enterprise

  • Even though the Enterprise website says it does not allow one-way or is sold out between some Hawaii locations, it really does allow it at some locations. Keep in mind that Non-airport in town location one way rates tend to be MUCH higher than from airport to airport - sometimes $200 vs $75. For the location where Enterprise says sold out or unavailable, please call your desired pickup location to see if it's okay to return your rental car to your desired drop off destination location. Be sure to get the person's name you speak to. If the agent says it's okay, then you have two options on making a reservation:

    • Make your reservation right then with the agent on the phone. But to get our discount rates and perks, you will need to give them our Corporate Number, TGR3602, as well as a three letter code, TRA. TRA represents our corporate company name of Tradewinds Travel Group. If you go to the regular Enterprise.com retail website, you can also make a reservation there but you will need to enter our Corporate Number, TGR3602, as well as a three letter code, TRA and don't say you're dropping off at another location. Again, please consult with an Enterprise agent to determine if a one way rental is possible.
    • If you would like to reserve online, please still call to confirm one-way is okay as well as what the one-way drop charge will be. When you go to reserve on our Enterprise website reservations page, leave the box unchecked that says, "Return the car to a different location" (otherwise it'll say you can't do a one-way if you check it, a glitch I guess) and then just return the car to the other location. But be sure to get permission and drop fee cost first on the phone from an agent. Drop charge rules apply. Again, please consult with an Enterprise agent to determine if a one way rental is possible.
  • Corporate Discount Rates
  • No Travel Agent Fees
  • No Pre-Payment
  • No Booking Fee
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Obligation