Can I change the Name on a Car Rental Reservation?

Can I change the name on the car rental reservation that I made?

We are unable to change names on reservations because we have no direct access to the internal rental car reservation systems of the major brand car rental companies that we represent. Even if you booked on the main retail website of a car rental company, we've never seen an option where you can change the name on the reservation. However, you can change the car and travel dates, just not the name.

We’ve been told by our corporate account reps that name changes are not necessary. They tell us whoever picks up the car just needs the reservation number. Whoever picks up the car will be the name that will be on the rental agreement. Some people rent more than one car (for family gatherings, golf groups, tours, or weddings for example), one car for them themselves and more cars for other people in their party, all under one name. Obviously all the cars cannot have the same driver. Each car gets a different driver. When they all arrive, each driver simply presents the reservation number. Each driver is who will be on the rental agreement, not the name on the reservation booking. The names on the rental agreement, driver's license and credit card have to be the same person.

No customer has ever emailed us saying they had a problem with any of the above in over 1.5 decades we’ve been renting cars for all the major brands.

What if I call the car rental brand I rented from to change the name on the booking?

If you would feel more comfortable having the person who is picking up the car be the name on the reservation you may want to make a brand new reservation instead and then cancel the first reservation. Keep in mind that the rate may be higher lower if you do that. It depends on supply and demand. You are welcome to call the car rental company call center to change the name on the reservation, but please take note of the following.

We've been told by some customers that when they call the car rental company directly to change the name on their reservation that the rate for the car they rented gets changed, depending on the current rate of the day, which can be higher or lower. Sometimes they are issued an entirely different reservation number where our discount #, discount rates and perks have been removed. A customer may be told of the new rate when calling a call center but will probably not be told that a perk such as free additional drivers or reduced underage driver surcharge have been removed. Please make sure if you call the rental car company call center to change your reservation in any way, make sure they do not change your rate to be higher, and that the free driver(s) perk, or reduced young driver surcharge stays intact. This is done by making sure that our Corporate discount # is still attached to the reservation.

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