Where To Get the Best Rates For a Kauai Car Rental

Sunday, November 16, 2014@ 6:51 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Having a great Kauai car rental on hand is always a good idea for you to think about when it comes to getting around this amazing island. You cannot just assume that you can get an affordable rental car right as you get on Kauai though.


Airport Rentals Cost More


While you could easily get a car rental right as you get on Kauai through the Lihue Airport, you need to be rather cautious. Many car rental service providers will charge you a large amount of money for a rental at the airport. It can cost $3 per day for the state rental surcharge tax plug $4.50 a day for the state customer facility charge, for instance.


In addition, Hawaii’s airports charge special taxes for rentals alongside many other additional fees and surcharges. These additional fees are required by the State of Hawaii and none of these go to the car rental companies. This might cause you to pay 20% or more on your rental than what is really needed.


You might want to go to a different spot on Kauai in order to get a deal on a rental that will be appropriate for your demands. If you are stuck with an airport-based rental then you are only going to end up spending more money on your rental than what you might be all that comfortable with.


Check Out Different Off-Airport Sites


Be sure to check airport as well as non-airport locations for the best overall rates. Some car rental sites might be located just a few feet away from the officially designated airport site. That is, these places will be spots that are not on airport grounds but will be a block or two away from them. These places will not be subjected to airport taxes. This means that they will offer affordable Kauai car rental solutions that you can quickly utilize. The selection of cars to use can be just as good too. In fact, they are usually the same in most cases.


Look Within the City


Many hotels, convention centers and other spaces on Kauai will have their own nearby car rental offices for you to utilize as well. These places will let you rent a car right near a hotel without forcing you to spend more. All you need to use is a convenient shuttle service to get to and from the airport so you can get access to this special service.


A Kauai car rental can be rather useful but it will be even better if you know where to go in order to get the best possible rates for any kind of car that you want to rent while on the island.

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