What to Remember before Booking a Kona Rental Car?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015@ 7:44 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Hawaii is widely known for its beautiful islands, panoramic beaches and the variety of recreational activities on offer for tourists, due to which people flock here from all parts of the world every year. Some of the major islands in Hawaii are Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and the Big Island, which is also known as the island of Hawaii.

The ideal way to travel around Hawaii at leisure is to book a rental car. There are several agencies situated in all of the islands, so you can easily hire a vehicle as per your choice, such as a Kona rental car.

If you are planning to book a Kona rental car, there are some issues that you should be clear about:


Options such as child seats, GPS navigation etc. is provided with the cars, but at a cost. All vehicles available for rent are non-smoking and have air conditioning and automatic transmission for passengers’ convenience. Once you are sure of the amenities and options, you need to focus on making your trip the comfortable and convenient, which is why you need to inform the car rental agency about your requirements beforehand. Most providers will book a vehicle with handicap options on your request.


Be prepared to shell out a substantial fee per day, along with the daily rental charges if you are age 20 to 24. This is partly because statistics have shown that drivers below the age of 25 tend to be responsible for a higher number of accidents as compared to older age groups.


The good thing is that there are no charges for canceling your booking. If you change your reservation, or your trip to Hawaii gets cancelled at the last moment, you can cancel your previous reservation. Even if you accidentally happen to make two reservations instead of one, you can cancel it without any extra charges. This can be done online through a car rental company website using which you had made the booking. The Kona rental car company will send you an email confirming your cancellation.

Before coming here, you should conduct thorough research about the Kona rental car companies located here to find out which ones are credible. Go ahead and approach a company only after you have verified that they are legit and have a good reputation.


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