You’ve rented a discount car rental in Maui and you’re really enjoying yourself on this beautiful island. The next thing you know you are involved in an accident. Whether you were at fault or not, your mind begins racing wondering what in the world you’re supposed to do. While the accident was  unexpected and unfortunately, the good news is that the process in filing a claim is very similar to what you would do if it were your own car.


Common Process


Of course in any automobile accident you should first check to see that no one has been hurt, call the local authorities, and once given approval, move the vehicle out of the way of oncoming traffic. Lastly you would exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved.


The only difference to this process with a Discount car rental in Maui is that you will also have to notify the rental company of the accident. Since it is their property they need to be made aware right away about the accident.


Reach Out to the Rental Company


Once the police have arrived to the scene they will record and report what they have found and then the cars can either be moved out of the way or they will need to be towed. After you’ve cooperated with authorities and provided them with necessary information you need to contact the rental company. You should be able to locate their number by checking the receipt they gave you or by reviewing the paperwork found in the dashboard of the vehicle. Each rental agency has a different set of rules as to  the steps you must complete next. Next steps will also vary by the types of insurance you have taken out on your discount rental car in Maui.


What if You Purchased Rental Car Insurance?


If you have taken advantage of the rental car insurance provided by the rental company there are a few ways this could turn out. First as you are aware there is either basic or full coverage. For those who opted for basic coverage this will only apply to bodily injuries and property damages that happened to the other vehicle. Just as with liability insurance, it will not cover the damage to the rental car.


Those who opted for full coverage options the rental car is also protected. However you should keep in mind that it may not cover all damages. Certain damages that may not be covered are:


  • Loss of use – this is a charge that covers the cost of renting another car while the original vehicle is being repaired.
  • Diminished value – this is the cost of the rental car’s resale value should it go down. While the costs aren’t high, if the car is really wrecked badly you may pay higher fees.


These fees also may not be covered by your Credit Card Company or insurance card provider. You will need to have a discussion with the rental company to find out what your actual out of pocket expenses are. Hopefully if you’ve purchased all of the right protection, you won’t have to repay anything at all.

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