What Roads Can You Bring Rental Cars In Maui To?

Saturday, December 13, 2014@ 8:55 PM
Author: Steve Parquet

There are many different types of roads that you can explore when you are in Maui. You can bring rental cars in Maui to all sorts of fine roads including the following options. These places will bring you into a number of important places around the island and will be rather interesting to explore when you are out on the island.


Route 340


The Kahekili Highway, or Route 340, is a road that will bring people through the northwestern end of the island, It works in Kahului and will go over the north of the West Maui Forest Reserve. This will also get to Camp Maluhia and the Waiehu Beach Road.


Route 30


The west coast of the island is home to the Honoapiilani Highway or Route 30. This is a road that goes along the coast and will make its way through Lahaina. It also meets up with Route 32 in Wailuku, a town that is right next to Kahului.


Route 360


If you are looking to get into the eastern end of the island then you can always head out to Route 360. This is also known as the Hana Highway and it is located around the northeastern end of the island. It will take you around Wailua.


Route 36


Route 360 is actually a continuation of a good portion of the Hana Highway. Route 36 is the original Hana Highway and is located around the north central part of the island. If you are trying to get into the central parts of the island that are a little more rural or remote than other spots then Route 36 will be perfect for you to drive around.


Route 377


If you want to get into the middle part of the island then Route 377 will be a great place for you to check out. Route 377 is the Haleakala Highway and it is a spot that feature a good connection to the middle part of the island as it brings you from the northern coast to the southern part of the island.


These are all popular roads that you can get rental cars out to when you are in Maui. If you are looking for great rental cars in Maui then you need to make sure that you’ve got vehicles that you know will be effective and useful for your needs as you are looking to get from one part of Maui to the next.


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