Ways to Save Money on Your Hawaii Car Rental

Wednesday, November 6, 2013@ 7:46 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

coupon-200x81Hawaii is expensive. There is no getting around it. Your villa, hotel or home rental probably takes up the bulk of your trip to this gorgeous island, and you undoubtedly will pay to do fun things and buy fun souvenirs during your visit. The last thing you want to do is overpay for a car rental service. Fortunately, there are ways of getting around paying too much to rent a vehicle on the island.

The Long and Short of It

It is all too unfortunate but true that various taxes, fees, and surcharges are necessary for any vehicle rental in Hawaii. The state mandates it, and so car rental agencies must adhere to it or they will be penalized. So while generally speaking no fees or surcharges can be waived (though it always pays to ask each agency to be sure), other easier ways exist in the form of free coupons, upgrades, and discounts.

Getting Stuff for Free

Scouring the web to uncover the free coupons available from Hawaii rental agencies is smart. Check major coupon sites and even do a generic web search that includes the words “Hawaii,” “car rental,” and “discounts” to see what comes up. There are lots of rental agencies on the main island and the other islands that make up Hawaii, so you probably can expect to get lots of results here. Click on each that appeals to the budgeter in you to see how much of a discount is available to get. There may be coupons available, or perhaps the rental agency will charge you the same fee but will upgrade you to a larger vehicle (or a luxury one). Discounts also typically apply for certain rentals or for specific times of the year.

Considerations to Make

When looking up discounts and coupons from these places, just be sure you are visiting the sites of reputable rental agencies. A quick search into this will provide you with the information you need. Even speaking to someone at the rental agency can help. Another way to verify agencies’ reputations is to speak with someone at the state’s convention and visitor’s bureau or a chamber of commerce on the part of Hawaii where you will be visiting. Also, cost comparisons should be done anyway among at least two agencies to land the best rental deal. Consider them all, group them all together, and then pick the place where the best deal is made available.

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