Vacation savings opportunities – cheap car rental at Maui!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014@ 9:15 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Opportunities to save during vacations are rare. That’s because individuals and families seldom think of vacations as opportunities to save. They (vacations) are times to splurge, relax, have fun and to spend more! Well, going in for cheap car rental in Maui can offer the best of both worlds to vacationers and business travellers!

Savings by another name

Cheap car rental in Maui can and does come in the form of lower car rental rates. How these are possible is the subject of discussion a little later on. However, car renters should look beyond just the posted rates to find savings when renting business trip or holiday vehicles. And here are a few questions to ask before making a decision on which car rental agency to book with:

• Do you have to pay up front upon booking your vehicle? Especially for vacationers, for whom up front money may be “tight”, a company that does not insist on advanced payment offers a better value proposition for cheap car rental in Maui.

• Can you cancel anytime without a penalty?

• Do you have to pay extra for your spouse (or a second driver) to drive the vehicle?

• Can your 20 or 21-24 year old drive the car, and will you have to pay much more for that to happen?

• Will the cheap car rental in Maui also mean you will get the same deals in Kauai, Hawaii, Hilo and other destinations?

• Will you receive other concessions, like discount coupons and deals, when you book your rental vehicle?

When you add up the savings that you get from promotions and deals such as the ones highlighted above, your cheap car rental in Maui can ultimately end up being cheaper that you had initially anticipated!

Making lower rental fees a reality

So how does a budget car rental agency get to offer such low rates – much lower than many brand name rental companies offer? Well – it’s really simple. Discount car rentals can offer cheap car rental in Maui because they themselves receive greatly reduced rates from their own brand dame partners.

You see, brand agencies like Avis, Budget, Hertz and Enterprise get tremendous volumes from their discount partners. And since the volume of business is so high, they can afford those great discounts to their corporate clients. Retail clients (such as you and I!) are not offered the same low rates. Discount carriers in turn offer cheap car rental in Maui and other destinations to their retail customers (you and I!) because of the lower rates they get from their brand partners.

All in all, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. The big brands continue to receive lots of business from the budget agents. The budget agents get more retail clients because of their lower rates. And travelers looking for cheap car rental in Maui and other tourist destinations get really affordable rates!

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