Car Rentals Renting a vehicle to utilize while you’re on vacation in Hawaii is a fantastic idea for a number of different reasons. Not only will you be giving yourself and your group the luxury to come and go as you please, you’ll also be getting the most out of your trip by ensuring that you always have a reliable means of transportation. Since Hawaii car rentals have become so popular recently, the companies that offer them have started providing fantastic extras that you’ll want to take advantage of. While these selections will differ from company to company, this list will give you an idea of the car rental options and accessories you can opt for.

GPS Navigation
GPS systems have almost become a staple for every traveler, and they’re the perfect way to ensure you don’t spend an afternoon driving around in circles! Many rental companies will give you the option to include one of these easy-to-operate units with your rental. If you plan on getting out there and exploring the Island, opting for a GPS could save you a good amount of time on your various commutes.

Child Safety
Child safety seats have also become popular add-ons and they save parents from having to lug a car seat onto the flight with them. DON’T risk driving your child around on vacation without the proper safety equipment. Take advantage of this convenient service and ensure that everyone is traveling safely.

Roof Racks
If you plan on hauling sporting equipment or additional luggage along on your trip, many rental companies offer roof racks at an additional rate. These convenient storage devices will allow you to haul items via the roof of your car as opposed to trying to stuff everything into the trunk or back seat.

Insurance Coverage
Additional insurance is available through most rental companies and it’s the perfect way to add a bit of extra security to your trip. It’s not everyday that you’re navigating the unfamiliar streets of Hawaii, so make sure you understand the company’s policies before getting behind the wheel.

Non-Smoking Vehicles
As a non-smoker it’s probably a good idea to check and see if the rental company you’re renting through offers smoke-free vehicles. Getting into a vehicle where a smoker has lit up in the past can be quite a smelly and uncomfortable experience. Simply check with the rental company you’re utilizing to see if they provide this option when choosing a vehicle.

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