After being on long flights across the country, having to find a means of public transportation to get you from the airport to your rental car location can be a pain and expensive. For some travelers, there is nothing more convenient than being able to pick up their rental car right from the airport location. While some might argue price over convenience, evaluating the process can help you make a better decision on whether or not to pick up your car from a Maui Car Rental Company located in the airport.


It’s Not the Rental Company’s Choice


Unfortunately local taxes and airport concession fees are a requirement for most locations. The rental company has to pay for renting out a space in the airport as well as shuttle services that will take customers to and from the terminals to the parking lots. As a result, in order to stay in business rental companies have to pass some of these taxes and fees down to the customer. Depending on where you’re renting from you could pay between 20% and 30% more in fees.


It is a Convenience


Before you get upset, consider the fact that having a Maui Car Rental Company located right in the airport means that you don’t have to travel far to get your rental car. Many car rental consumers purposefully reserve an airport location simply for the convenience. It is not only a convenience for picking up, but also for dropping off. For customers who have been running late for a flight, getting gas and returning the car to another location and then finding transportation to the airport is expensive and could cause them to miss their flight. Whereas having to return the vehicle to the same location your flight leaves from saves you the time and extra money.


Weigh Your Options


It is really a good idea to weigh your options before you simply discredit the idea of getting your rental car from the airport. Think about the time in which you will be flying, the costs of local transportation, and the probability of you returning the car in time to avoid late return fees and missing your scheduled flight.


There are of course other ways that you can reserve a rental car with a Maui Car Rental Company located in the airport and still save money. Using membership discounts, locating coupon codes, and booking in advance, can all save you a significant amount of money and offset those fees while providing you convenience.

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