hawaii-map-228x77Island hopping is a very popular form of vacationing for folks who choose to visit Hawaii. If you’re going to be spending a week or more in Hawaii, it’s a fantastic idea to visit multiple islands instead of staying on just one the entire time. If you intend on doing this in the near future, you’ve probably starting with the planning phase for your trip.

Car rentals for vacationers, especially in Hawaii, are always a fantastic choice. They will not only ensure you always have a reliable form of transportation, but they’re actually quite budget friendly as well. If you are planning on island hopping, it’s important to take some of these multi-island car rental suggestions and tips into consideration.

Consider Your Options

While some major car rental companies will offer “package deals” that provide you with rental vehicles on various islands through one booking – this is not always the most practical or cost efficient option. Often, you have to watch out for additional “booking fees” and other surcharges that can really add up. Sometimes, it is more budget friendly to simply rent a vehicle separately on each island. While it will require a few additional clicks on the web, it’s still very easy to rent a vehicle on each island you plan to visit.

Remember that most rental companies allow you to book online now. This means that you won’t have to make one hundred phone calls to book multiple vehicles. By simply browsing the website, choosing the pick-up location, and choosing your vehicles, you’ll be set and ready to go before you know it.

Cruise Ship Options

If you’d like to arrange for rental car service at each port where your Hawaiian cruise ship docks, this can certainly be arranged as well. More and more cruise ship passengers are taking advantage of rental cars, and it’s a great way to ensure you get the most out of even a short visit on the island. While some car rental companies will offer complimentary shuttle service to the pick-up location, you can always get there quickly and easily by calling a cab.

Whether you’re visiting Hawaii for business reasons and you’re on a tight schedule or you’re simply looking to pack in as much activity and fun as possible into your vacation – looking into a rental car service for multiple island access is the perfect way to ensure you’re never left without reliable transportation.

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