Family vacations are always the best. You get to spend time with those you love away from all the stresses and worries of everyday life. If you’re traveling with younger children, you already know how stressful and hectic a car ride can be. While you can’t control their every move, it is a good idea that you come up with a plan that will keep them safe and comfortable while in the Thrifty Hawaii car rental. Below are some of the top tips for children safety.


Bring a Car Seat or Booster Seat


In most states it is required that all children of a certain age, height, and weight be strapped into the vehicle with some form of protective seating. Depending upon their age this could be either an infant seat which must be rear facing and secured in the back seat or it can also be a booster seat for older children. Whichever requirements your children need be sure that you are fully prepared. You can either inquire with the Thrifty Hawaii car rental company to find out what the rates are to rent a car seat or you can pack and bring your own.


Make Sure the Seats Are Secure


Another tip for keeping your children safe while driving in  your rental car is to make sure that they are securely strapped in. just because you’re in another state does not mean that you should not follow the rules. Before strapping the child in give the seat a tug to make sure that it is secure with a seatbelt to prevent the child from being thrown from the seat in the event of an accident.


Give Them Something to Do


When traveling in unfamiliar places sometimes the drive can be long or you could end up lost. To prevent the children from getting antsy and trying to jump and move all around it is advised that you give them something to do while on the road. This could be something such as playing a game, singing a song, or providing them with an electronic device to hold their attention. For older children, you could ask them to help you with finding signs that mark the locations you’re trying to travel in since they love to help out.


Note: It is important however, that you don’t give your children anything that could damage the vehicle if played with such as a ball or anything that they might throw around.


Keeping your children safe should be your top priority while driving in a thrifty Hawaii car rental. These three tips will keep them safe and allow them to enjoy the ride and create wonderful memories.

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