It might be ideal to say that in order to save money on your Economy Car Rental Hawaii that you’re going to only register one vehicle driving the car. While there is usually a fee assessed for additional drivers, failure to disclose this information to the rental company could be a breach of contract. It is extremely important that you provide the rental car company with all the details of any person who will be driving the car.


The Agreement is to Protect You


While you might want to believe that the rental company is just tacking on fees for no reason, there really is an important reason for registering additional drivers. Just like with car insurance any drivers that will be routinely driving your car need to be insured it is the same for the rental car. If an unauthorized driver gets behind the wheel and an accident occurs, all insurance coverage is null and void and out of pocket expenses are passed down to you, the renting driver, but not to the additional driver.


All Drivers Must Have Valid Driver’s license

When registering your additional drivers they will also need to have a valid license to present for the Economy Car Rental Hawaii Company. Failure to present a valid driver’s license means that the additional driver is unable to operate the vehicle so having it on their person is advised. This is to ensure that the driver is within the law to drive the car while in Hawaii. The driver’s license cannot be suspended or expired.


Drivers Under 25 Will Cost More

If your second driver is under the age of 25 they are going to pay more. This is because statistics show that drivers of this age are of higher risk. The general age requirement for an Economy car rental Hawaii is 21 years of age.


Ask About Discounts

Sometimes you can find great discounts on additional drivers’ fees. When you arrive to pick up your rental car simply inquire about the different discounts that might be available to offset the costs of the additional driver fees.


Taking the risk of not registering drivers is the same as taking a risk and driving around without valid car insurance. Don’t put yourself or others at risk for a small dollar per day fee. If you’d prefer not to pay additional fees, sticking to one driver is your best advantage to ensuring the rental car remains intact and that you don’t end up with the bill.

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