The Importance of Learning About Additional Driver Fees

Sunday, November 24, 2013@ 7:05 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Will more than one driver be taking the wheel of your Hawaii vehicle rental? Even if that is not the case, there are fees for additional drivers that apply. They are blanketed across all major carriers and through all the major rental agencies, though each agency does handle these fees in a somewhat different or unique way. Here is why you need to understand these Hawaii additional driver fees and what you can do to have them waived.

Why Fees are Handed Out

The state of Hawaii has decided to hand out fees to all renters of vehicles, regardless of their driving records or how many people will be operating any given rented vehicle. This across-the-board way of doing business has caused a great deal of confusion among renters, particularly people who do not live in Hawaii and therefore are unfamiliar with the rules. They should be understood and interpreted by each individual agency, though, since some agencies choose to waive additional driver fees in Hawaii. Not all agencies will do this, though, making it vitally important for you to take responsibility and understand why waivers occur, what you have to do to earn them, and what if anything are the opportunity costs for getting fees waived.

Waiving Fees

Some agencies decide to waive fees to keep customers interested in their business. It is just one more way for these companies to offer great customer service. However, by waiving fees these agencies are incurring costs. This is why you must ask the customer service agent you speak with and/or why you need to visit the frequently asked questions portion of an agency’s website to learn more about why they opted to waive fees and what this means for your other costs. Do they stay down, or does something else go up to compensate? Is it a true waiver, where your costs stay the same across the rest of the charges? The ones providing true waivers obviously are going to be more ideal for you, though again, finding out the reasons behind the waiver is priority No. 1.

Steps to Take

Aside from visiting the frequently asked questions portion of a rental agency’s website, call the company up and have someone explain it to you. Make sure no holes are poked into the waiver program and that everything is aboveboard. Then feel free to sign up and get these costly fees waived.

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