Securing Larger Rentals in Hawaii

Sunday, November 24, 2013@ 7:03 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

chevy-suburbanAre you planning a Hawaii trip that involves more than just you and a friend? If more than six people are part of the trip, or if friends will be staying near you and you hope to stick together for the duration of the trip, consider 8 passenger SUV rentals in Hawaii. Lots of dealerships on the island are authorized to rent out these larger-capacity vehicles, which are just as ideal for the full eight passengers as they are for a family of four who will have gear with them and want to shop. With an SUV, so much more fits into the space, and the costs are not much more than for a regular sedan or car.

The SUV Difference

The nice difference between renting a car and an eight-passenger SUV is space. The space you get when you rent one of these vehicles makes it more accommodating for when you head out to more remote parts of the island and want to set up a picnic or hang out for the day. Everything you need from the hotel or villa rental can be loaded into the SUV with space to spare. And if you already are used to driving an SUV at home, the transition can be seamless to your rental in Hawaii – making you feel like you are at home, only in a much more beautiful place.

Special Deals Can Apply

Special deals are available through some rental agencies for eight-passenger SUVs, as well as for smaller vehicles. So even though the costs for renting an SUV are generally higher than the costs for a car (due to higher gas expenses and more demand), these costs or some of them at least can be offset through incentives and other specials available from rental agencies across the island. So you can get the SUV for probably around the same price as you would get for a regular car rental in some cases.

Learning More

For more information on eight-passenger SUVs and their availability, check with major rental agencies in Hawaii. Look them up online, browse their selections of SUVs, look at their pricing structures and then select the rental that fits in the most ideal way with your vacation plans. It benefits you to book now since SUVs are always in demand. And you can always make changes down the line should your travel plans change, so feel free to book as soon as you find the perfect SUV.

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