In this day and age, not everyone has the perfect credit history necessary to have a line of credit. While most transactions can be conducted with cash or debit check cards, renting a car was something different. In years past, in order to rent a vehicle you had to have a major credit card to reserve Thrifty Hawaii Car Rentals. However, as car rental companies search for ways to show their customers that they care, a new method of payment is now being accepted in some locations.


New Methods of Paying


As stated before everyone doesn’t have a credit card ready for use. There are some providers that will accept cash deposits totaling about two to three hundred dollars per week. The cash however will not be returned as cash but will be sent to you in 28 days in the form of a check. However, this is not all locations and you will need to call ahead to find out exactly what their policies are.


What About Debit Card Policies


You will probably have a better time finding Thrifty Hawaii Car Rentals that accept VISA debit cards to reserve a car as well as to hold a security deposit. You may expect to have a larger deposit request because debit cards are considered more of a liability than a credit card. Again you will need to contact the location directly to assure that they will accept your debit card.


Other Ways to Reserve a Car


If you’re not fortunate enough to find a Thrifty or Dollar car rental company willing to allow you to pay in cash or with a debit card then you may have to consider other options. This might mean reserving the vehicle in the name of someone else that is traveling with you that has a major credit card. You can easily add yourself as an additional driver so that you’re covered while driving the rental car. If you want, you can pay the balance with your debit card or cash during checkout.


Also when going to pick up your Thrifty Hawaii Car Rentals be sure that you have other necessary items to avoid being turned away. You will need to have your confirmation number, valid driver’s license, and a valid credit card. Having this readily available will help the pickup process run much smoother.

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