Planning a vacation? Save BIG on car rentals!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015@ 9:55 PM
Author: Steve Parquet

Most vacation planners think BIG brand name car rental companies mean BIG savings. Wrong! Really cheap car rentals in Maui, or for that matter for any other island vacation – be it Kauai, Oahu, Kona or the BIG island – are available from discount car dealers. And savvy vacation planners know exactly how to get the best deals so they can save BIG on the BIG trip!

Excited vacationers don’t really understand how it is that they can’t get cheap car rentals in Maui from big brand name car rental companies. In their eagerness to get on with the trip, they may call one or maybe two brand rentals, and then go with the one that’s cheaper. That is a huge mistake that costs holiday makers BIG dollars! Why? Because you can get the same vehicle (or perhaps even a better one!) from discount agencies that specialize in cheap car rentals in Maui!

To understand why discount dealers have the ability for vacation planners to save BIG, one has to understand how discount dealers operate. They forge relationships with all the big brand name agencies so that they can offer their clients more options and greater choice. And because of the clout they have with the big companies, they negotiate special rental rates so they can provide cheap car rentals in Maui for their customers. It’s really that simple!


When individual renters – travellers, vacationers, small business owners – visit the big rental agencies, they are unable to receive the same discounted rates that a discount agency gets. As a result, individuals looking for cheap car rentals in Maui will not save when booking with the big companies. Real savings come from working with the discount car rental agencies.


But there are other ways to save on car rentals during a vacation too. Most of the big companies, including Advantage, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz and Thrifty, compete with each other to get discount rental agencies to partner with them. And this competition between the BIG guns gives discount agencies even more flexibility to offer cheap car rentals in Maui to their own clients.


The big agencies provide lucrative schemes and deals, including special rates, discount coupons and booking packages, to their discount agency clients that are usually unavailable to direct (retail) clients. And to make cheap car rentals in Maui more attractive to individual renters, the discount rental agency passes those perks onto their clients. Imagine paying for a product or service using a discount coupon (received from your budget rental company), rather than paying out of your own pocket.


Its little things like this that provide opportunities to add to the savings one can get when planning a vacation. And it all starts with selecting the right discount car rental company so you can get access to cheap car rentals in Maui!


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