If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to Hawaii on a business trip it might be ideal to consider Enterprise Hawaii car rentals for your driving needs. When in need of a car rental, you will need to plan ahead in order to ensure that everything is ready when you arrive. If you’ve never booked a car rental for corporate travel, you’ll be surprised to find out that some rental companies offer comprehensive packages customized to your company’s budget and traveling needs. Below are a few tips on how to plan your next business trip effectively.

Shop Around

Most important as with any other product is to shop around in order to get the best deals. There are great car rental sites that will search multiple car rental companies and provide you with the best available price. Make sure that you compare at least three different companies before opting to choose a particular one to work with. As you shop around however, there are other factors that are equally as important as price that should include the following:

  • Services offered to corporate travelers
  • Specialty cars to suit your traveling needs
  • Shuttle services to your car rental destination
  • Airport pickup and other locations
  • Great customer service


Ask About Corporate Deals

Most car rental companies are willing to provide significant discounts to the corporate traveler. They understand that you’re on the company’s budget and also understand that you could be repeat business for them. With that being said, once you’ve done your shopping around, inquire about corporate deals that you can take advantage of. Getting great deals is especially important if:

  • You will need a larger vehicle such as a mini van
  • You will need to keep the car rental for more than a few days

Most companies that offer Enterprise car rentals have great deals that you can take advantage of.

Book Well in Advance

Another great thing to point out when renting Enterprise car rentals is that you may need to book well in advance. This is especially true for businesses that are traveling during peak travel times. When you need specialty vehicles such as minivans it is best to grab those ASAP before they’re all gone. So once you’ve locked in a price and secured your dates it is imperative that you go ahead and book the rental to be on the safe side.

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