Are you planning on heading out to Kona? You may want to take a look at low season dates. These are dates where the demand for travel is not as strong as it might usually be. This will result in many service providers offering you lower rates on rentals, reservations and other services to use in and around Kona.


This is a pointer that will certainly be ideal for when you’re trying to come out to the island. The low season in particular can be a great time for a Kona car rental because you’ll spend much less on your vehicle than what you’d pay during the rest of the year. You need to consider this if you want to get a great deal.


When Is the Low Season?


The low season in Kona is not just one span of calendar dates, but several spread throughout the year. One such time is around the time when the summer tourism season ends but right before the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush. The low season is a period when cars are more likely to be made available and people are not willing to travel to the area as much. You will certainly have more room to do whatever you feel while in Kona during this time of the year.


What Values Are There?


The values that will come out of low season Kona car rental options will entail some real deals that you can really benefit from. In particular, you might find rental options where you will pay less than $168 total price for a single week-long rental on an economy or subcompact car.


This is much less than what you’d spend during high season dates in the summer. You might have to pay over $300 for the exact same vehicle for that week. It’s a big rise that proves just how important the low season can really be for such a rental.


Of course, this is peanuts when compared with what it would cost to rent that same economy car during the peak Christmas, and Independence Day seasons. You might have to spend at least $500 for a weekly rental for that single vehicle.


Be sure that you take a closer look at the rates that you will find when looking for a Kona car rental. You may end up getting a huge discount on your rental if you stick with a low season rental.

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