Knowing where to get cheap car rentals in Hawaii

Wednesday, September 3, 2014@ 9:16 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Fact: Let’s face it – Vacations are often “budget busters”.

No matter how hard you try, there’s always some unexpected expense that turns the reality of a “cheap” Hawaiian vacation into a dream! But that doesn’t have to be. Cheap car rentals in Hawaii can easily help individuals and families save BIG on their trips. And if, for some unforeseen reason, an unplanned expense does crop up, the money saved because of the cheap car rentals in Hawaii should help offset the surprise.

Know how to find cheap rental cars

The question commonly on many trip planners mind is: When to start looking for a rental car? Most vacation planners wait until the last minute to book their rental vehicles. Some will even wait until they get to Hawaii before starting their search. The secret to locating cheap car rentals in Hawaii is to look early and book in advance! Not only will this give you sufficient time to find exactly what you want, but it will also mean you can take your time to do some comparison shopping too.

But how do you know where to start looking for cheap car rentals in Hawaii? Most people will sit behind a computer, and start their Google search using words like “Avis”, “Enterprise”, “Budget” or “Hertz”. They then drill down into the search results and start making their decision on which company to rent from. It may shock some to hear this, but that is exactly how NOT to find cheap car rentals in Hawaii!

Big brand car rentals, like Avis, Enterprise, Budget or Hertz, may be “BIG” in their reputations. But they are equally “BIG” when it comes to marking up their rental rates for individual renters – tourists, vacationers, families. Offering cheap car rentals in Hawaii or any other holiday destination might not be on top of their priority list. They have huge operation overheads that they need to cover, and offering discounts to small customers won’t help them meet those overheads.

What is the answer then? Cheap car rentals in Hawaii can only be found at wholesale consolidator car rental companies! Car renters might not realize it, but the discount wholesaler companies offer the exact same cars that a brand name company does. Because they are partners with the big brand companies, they even tap the same sources for their cars – i.e. they source them from companies like Avis, Budget, Hertz and Enterprise. But there’s one BIG difference!

Budget dealers can offer cheap car rentals in Hawaii because they don’t have the huge overheads associated with a multi-national brand name company. And since their own operational costs are extremely low, they can afford to pass those efficiencies on to their own customers – like you and I!

Some planning can help!

Being just a little proactive in your search for cheap car rentals in Hawaii will mean you will save a lot on your next vacation. Along with lower rates, budget car rental companies also offer some great promotions and deals that retail renters won’t receive from brand name companies.

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