Important Things to Know About Hana Maui Airport in Hawaii

Wednesday, November 6, 2013@ 7:51 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

images1Airports can get crazy when you do not know where you are going or how things work. Thus, if you happen to be traveling to Maui or Hawaii anytime soon, understanding the airport helps acclimate you to your new surroundings and generally can ease your trip. Follow these steps, and your trip to Hawaii through Hana Maui Airport will be a breeze.

Pack Well

Understand the travel requirements that airlines have for boarding a plan bound for Hawaii. This often is done through the airlines themselves, but the airport itself also has a website that lists important information about the facility and about how baggage is prepared, moved, and checked. Use this information to aid in your travel plans so nothing gets damaged, lost or confiscated during your trip through the airport. It could cause delays, which you hope to avoid so you are able to spend as much time enjoying yourself on the island as you can.

Plan for a Rental

Unless you are staying put in one spot for your entire stay in Hawaii, you likely will need a rental car. The public transportation available on the island is more for the inhabitants themselves and does not really go to the main interest points of Hawaii. A rental and a nice map will enhance your travel experience, so ensure a car rental agency is on your radar. Check them out, know their rates, talk about fees and availability, and then book the rental as far in advance prior to your trip as you can. You will have the opportunity to make changes should your trip needs change down the line. Also find out where they are located, since some rental agencies that do great business are not on site at the airport.

Get Frequent Updates

Before your trip, bookmark a site that lists arrival and departure information for the airport. This way, if you care you can sense a pattern of whether your own arrival will be on time or delayed. And when your flight gets closer to departure time, you can refresh the page continually to ensure your flight will be leaving when it says it will be leaving. Stay updated through the airport’s online services, and make changes accordingly if they are needed both for your rental and for your original flight. In doing so, you strengthen the chances that your trip will be a fantastic, fun-filled one.

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