How to Rent a Car in Honolulu?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010@ 6:49 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

The lovely beaches, the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the shores, and the view of the lovely sunset; …If you are missing these in your life then Honolulu is where you should head to as a prime vacation travel destination. The capital of the beautiful state of Hawaii in the US, Honolulu is a paradise for nature lovers. You can lose yourself in the beauty of the sea beaches, the palm trees, and the lovely sunrises and sunsets.

Traveling across the island is hassle free if you rent a car. With the boom in tourism industry, there are many Honolulu car rental companies that provide you service. Before committing to any travel agent, inquire about all the details like:

  • How reliable is the car rental company?

  • What are the types of cars offered?

  • What are the rental car rates?

  • What car rental discounts and bonuses are offered?

  • How many people can each vehicle accommodate?

The answers to these questions can be easily found online. You have to go for a thorough research either online or read travel periodicals carefully. When you are planning your transportation, it is reasonable to decide upon the types of vehicles that are generally preferred by tourists. Traveling in a luxurious car is always nice but you need to check whether it fits your budget too. The most preferred cars for traveling in Honolulu are:

Jeep Wranglers: They are considered to be amongst the best consumer recreational vehicles. It is also known as a utility vehicle. It is stylish and can accommodate 4 or 5 passengers, depending whether it is the 2-door model or the 40-door model. It is one of the favorite options of traveling in Honolulu. Please be advised that Jeep Wranglers, even though they are 4-wheel drive, the car rental companies do not allow you to take them offroad.

Convertibles: This is a type of vehicle in which the roof can be retracted. This way it can converted into an open-air vehicle. It is one of the most fun cars to vacation and see the sights in. If you plan to rent a car in Honolulu, convertibles are a good option. Look for the Honolulu car rentals companies that provide this option.

Minivans: It is a perfect vehicle if you have a big group during your trip. They generally seat 7 passengers. Seven passenger mini vans are smaller than the traditional passenger vans, which seat 12 to 15 passengers. These are basically designed keeping in mind the needs of families. These provide you with the maximum interior space for a comfortable journey. While on your trip to Honolulu, you can always rent a minivan, just check out with your Honolulu car rentals company whether they can provide you this vehicle or not because sometimes they are in short supply, so reserve early.

Honolulu car rentals make it easy for you to travel the entire island in hassle free manner. Be sure to visit all the attractions of the island of Oahu within the span of your trip, so rent a vehicle that makes commuting to the various the destinations on the island easy. You can refer to reliable websites like that give you all the details required.

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