Hawaii Car Rental Options: The Roof Rack

Saturday, August 17, 2013@ 9:13 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

woody-surfboard-125x75It may seem like a bit of a strange concept to strap something on to the roof of your car, but this is how many people opt to transport larger items when they’re traveling. When spending time in Hawaii – you’re going to run into plenty of issues with larger recreational items like surf boards, paddle boards, kayaks, and even windsurfing equipment. If you’re not just a short walk to the beach – how are you going to get it there? The answer: a roof rack for your rental car!

Is This an Optional Accessory?

The answer to this, quite simply, is: yes. Roof racks are not going to come equipped with every vehicle, and they may not even be available for every vehicle (especially if you’re renting a smaller, compact car). When you rent a car through a trusted provider in the Hawaii area, it’s a good idea to inquire as to whether or not a roof rack will be available for your model. If you plan on transporting items like the ones mentioned above – you’ll want to have a reliable way to get them to and from the beach. Check on this well ahead of time and keep in mind that the number of roof racks they have may be limited.

What If It’s Too Late to Talk to the Rental Company?

If you’ve already made your car rental reservation or better – you’re already on vacation – it’s good to know that you still have options. Some surf board rentals locations or kayak rental locations will be able to provide you with these optional accessories, but this definitely isn’t a guarantee. Some companies will deliver it to you and some may require that you come and pick it up on your own. Be sure that you also get in-depth instructions on how to properly install and use the rack in order to prevent damage from occurring to your rental vehicle. Even small scratches can count against you!

What If Damage Does Occur?

If you are planning on using a roof rack for your rental vehicle, it’s a good idea to look into additional insurance and/or protection plan options. This can ensure that you won’t be held financially accountable if something should happen from the use of the roof rack. Remember – accidents can and WILL happen regardless of how careful you are. By taking necessary precautions prior to even strapping that handy device atop your vehicle, you can ensure that you won’t be left with a headache down the road.

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