When riding around in your Avis Hawaii car rentals there is always the possibility that there could be a cosmetic or mechanical issue with the car. One of the most common things to happen to travelers while on the road is finding out that they have a flat tire. If you don’t know how to change a flat tire knowing what to do is best. Since you can’t readily contact a friend or a family member as you might do if you were stranded at home, taking head to some of the advice below can really make a difference.

What to Do

1. If you’re on the road when the tire goes flat the best thing that you can do at this point is to take the foot off of the gas and steer towards the side of the road. Do not for any reason slam on the brakes because this could cause an accident and put your passengers at risk.

2. Once on the side of the road in a safe location you should then put the hazard lights on so that others know your car is out of commission at the moment.

3. If you have AAA coverage this might also cover any trouble with the Avis Hawaii car rentals but you should inquire when contacting for service. If not, there is also roadside assistance available through your rental agency. This number may or may not be located on your receipt or in the glove compartment near the driver’s manual. If not you will need to contact the rental company for roadside assistance’s contact information.

Do it Yourself Repairs

This is a decision that only you can make. If you feel that you can easily fix the flat tire on your own without the need for assistance then you should take precaution when repairing a rental car. Since you’re waiving the right to professional help this means that you will be responsible should further damage happen to the car.

If you’ve decided you’d rather do it yourself so that you can get back to enjoying your vacation, check the glove compartment of your Avis Hawaii car rentals for the driver’s manual. There you will find instructions on where to find the jack and the spare tire for the car. Carefully follow all instructions to avoid making a mess of things.

Once you’ve made the necessary repairs you should immediately get back to the rental company as driving around on a spare tire for too long is never recommended. They should be able to accommodate you with compatible Avis Hawaii car rentals so that you can continue your vacation without delay.

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