Getting Around is Easier with Car Rental in Maui

Tuesday, March 17, 2015@ 9:21 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Car rental is the best way to move around in this island. This method is very popular as opposed to taxis especially when your tour plan involves connecting to another part of the island.

There are various issues in the way of car rental in this island. One of the basic questions that one asks oneself is that ‘Do I need a car rental?’ The response is obviously in the affirmative. This is next followed by questions like ‘Why do I need a car rental in Maui? Aren’t buses and shuttles running?’ Well the response to this is again positive. There surely are buses and shuttles available but those are not suitable options for tourists. Tourists naturally tag along travel cases and bags. A bus ride might get a little bumpy with those on board. Also buses make frequent stoppages en route. This increases the time it takes the tourists to reach their destination. On the other hand, shuttle service is not a reliable one and they are slow and make multiple stops. Taxis incur a fat expense in comparison to car rentals.

You might now want to know, ‘When should I reserve my car rental?’ Here is an answer to that. car rentals are available 24/7. However, they suggest that you do it right away. ‘Now, they say is the time.’ Whenever you reserve your airways tickets and the status does not quite look cancelable, make a call to reserve your car rental. If you are way too early, which in most cases is not a possibility; the person at the other end will help you with a better time for reservation. You may cancel your reservations anytime. Without you even asking the next question does not ask you for your credit card details for an immediate payment. No deposits required and that too for unlimited miles. Payment is accepted while dropping you off at your hotel.

It is interesting to note that this island boasts of the very first car rental company that ran cars on biodiesel. Since tourism is the only means of earning here, the tourists are well taken care of and ready help is available regarding shopping destinations and eateries. offers you a choice of their vehicles from jeeps to convertibles – depending on your choice as well as the number and volume on board. You may have compacts, economies or Wranglers. promises customer friendly services and safe transportation. Good care is taken while loading and unloading of your offers you an exotic selection of cars. You may have on request a Ferrari California Convertible, Bentley Continental GTC Convertible, Maserati Grantourismo Convertible and a long chain of Audi cards which include Audi A8. Along with this you may avail amazing discounts going as high as 70%, if you are in luck. Also your credit card company’s portal might hand you a scoop.

So this is why you might want to go for a for car rental in Maui.

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