When you rent a car it becomes your responsibility as the consumer to make sure that you return the vehicle in the same condition in which it was provided. This means free from mess and a full tank (unless of course you’ve opted to let them refill the gas for you). While accidents most certainly can happen, there are some things that consumers simply should not do while driving a rental car. It is imperative to know what is expected of you before you ever drive off with your Avis Hawaii car rentals. Sometimes consumers end up doing in rental cars what they do in their own vehicles and when they go to return the car, they can’t figure out why they’re being charged so much money. Well, this could be why:

Absolutely No Smoking

Whether you smoke cigarettes, cigars, or recreational/medicinal drugs they can all leave behind horrible stains and smells. When reviewing your rental contract check to see what it says about smoking in the vehicle. Many companies offering Avis Hawaii car rentals have a clear smoking ban in place meaning you cannot for any reason smoke in the vehicle. An inconvenience? Well a smoker might think so, but in the event that you break this ban you could end up facing the penalty and having to pay for the car to get thoroughly  detailed.

No Pets Unless Otherwise Negotiated

Again it is extremely important that you check your contract. Unless you’ve signed one that includes pets it is not a good idea to sneak your furry friend in for the ride. Pets often leave stains, smells, and can even damage the vehicle. If it is found that there was a pet in the vehicle this could prevent you from renting in the future and could also accrue fees that you will have to pay.

Illegal Activities

As crazy as this might sound it is imperative to point out that you should not use Avis Hawaii car rentals to commit a crime of any kind.

Be Careful What You Eat and Drink

There are some food and drink items that could really leave a horrid smell or stain in the vehicle. So if at all possible keep the eating and drinking down to a minimum to prevent damaging the car.

A Student Driver Vehicle

Last, but not least on the list of things never to do with your Avis Hawaii car rentals is to use it to teach someone how to drive. Any persons operating the rental car should be a licensed driver and should already have been included on your rental contract. Should the learning driver get in an accident, they are not covered by your insurance which could leave you dealing with a hefty fine.

Avoid these five things and you should have no problems with your rental car and can drop off the vehicle without the fear of extra fees and penalties.

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