Finding Your Way Around the Islands with Rental Car GPS

Friday, February 1, 2013@ 12:26 PM
Author: Steve Parquet

Car Rentals When you rent a car to use on your Hawaiian vacation, one of the main reasons to do so is because you’re unfamiliar with the public transportation system. However, if you’re simply driving about the island – how on earth do you plan on finding your way around? GPS is one of the greatest inventions of our time, and it can certainly come in handy when navigating areas you’re unfamiliar with. Fortunately, many rental car companies have started providing customers with the option to add on a GPS system with their rental service.

Turn By Turn Directions
If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a GPS navigation system while driving before, you’re definitely in for a treat! With turn by turn navigational directions that are spoken to you as you drive, you can be sure that you never miss a turn again. When navigating unfamiliar territory, being able to see a visualization of the route you’ll be taking combined with the ability to have the driving directions read to you is a convenience like no other. It will turn what may have been a disastrous commute into an all-around pleasant journey!

User Friendly Design
Even if you’re not the most technologically advanced driver, you can be sure that the GPS unit provided to you by the rental service will be easy to use. These devices are very cut and dry, and all information is displayed in a clear and concise manner. You won’t have to worry about not being able to use the device, and there are no confusing codes or passwords to remember. Simply punch in the address you’re looking to navigate to and go! An instruction manual may be provided if you really need to reference it, but you’ll truly be surprised by the ease of use.

Getting the Most Out of Your Time
The time that you spend in your vehicle during your vacation should be as limited as possible. You want to spend your time in Hawaii soaking in the sights and enjoying all that the islands have to offer. By utilizing a GPS unit, you can be sure that you’re never lost or taking an unnecessarily long route. You’ll be provided with clear, efficient directions that will take you exactly where you need to go. It’s where technology meets convenience! Inquire with the car rental service you’re using to see if they offer a GPS unit package you can take advantage of.

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