FAQs about a Maui Cheap Rental Car

Wednesday, January 14, 2015@ 7:46 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

To travel Maui for a vacation is a dream come true for many, so the last thing you want is to worry about transport. In Maui, a cheap rental car is the best way to explore and travel around, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience:

Do the availability of cars depend upon peak and off seasons?

The peak season is from mid-November to the first week in January and also the summer holidays. The demand for cars are high during this time. If you have special needs or interests – for example, if you are with your family and have lots of luggage or if you want a convertible, it is important to book in advance. Lots of people have faced problems because they have not been able to get the car of their choice.

Are there cheap and reliable car rentals available?

A Maui cheap rental car is available, but they are more expensive than in Honolulu. The longer the duration of rental, the better the price/package that can be negotiated. The best option is to rent for a few days, preferably a week.

Can a Mauicheap rental car be dropped off at another location?

Maui, being a smaller island, has a primary pickup and drop off point for car rental, which is at the airport. Keep in mind that rentals at the Maui airport are charged concession fees and taxes. For better deals try a rental agency located a bit further from the airport.

Is insurance from the car rental agency needed?

Check if your current car insurance policy covers you for rental car coverage. Before buying more insurance, you should verify if your present car insurance is sufficient. If it is adequate, you can save a tidy sum. If you are not covered, it is advisable to get rental car insurance. Your vacation can turn out to be costly if an accident occurs or if there is any damage to the Maui cheap rental car.

Should you wait to get to Maui to book a better car rental deal?

It is best to reserve a Maui cheap rental car in advance to ensure you get the car that you want along with the dates of your choice. Booking the car in Maui is not a wise decision. If you do your homework you might find Maui vacation packages which bundle together car rentals. You will find that the rates are also better the further in advance you rent the car.

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